Dan Guerrero’s contract extended through 2019

UCLA announced Thursday that it has extended athletic director Dan Guerrero’s contract through 2019.

The Bruins have won 22 NCAA national championships since Guerrero was appointed in 2002, guiding the program to what chancellor Gene Block said is a “national example of how intercollegiate athletics serve and further the mission of higher education.”

The new contract is retroactive to April 1, and will replace the one that expired on March 31. Guerrero has a rolling five-year clause that would have taken effect had there not been an extension. As the the Daily Bruin first reported, Guerrero will be paid $734,774 with an annual 5 percent increase.

His new term of appointment will end on Dec. 31, 2019.

Prior to the extension, Guerrero was already the highest-paid athletic director at a Pac-12 public school with $715,211 in guaranteed salary.

The school said in a press release that no tuition or state funds were used in his compensation, which comes from athletic department revenues and private fundraising.

“Dan has excelled in both commonly accepted barometers of success in a role like his: fiscal management and athletic victories,” Block said in a statement. “But the true story of his success also needs to include critical, if less noticed, factors like his efforts to advance women’s opportunities in athletics and maintain high academic standards for student–athletes, and his rigorous work to keep UCLA programs in compliance with NCAA and other requirements.

But while the Bruins still lead the country by far with 108 national championships across all sports, Guerrero’s guidance of the football and men’s basketball programs has not been exceptional. He went through two ill-fated coaches in Karl Dorrell and Rick Neuheisel before landing Jim Mora, who debuted with a Pac-12 South title last season.

His recent hire of men’s basketball coach Steve Alford has also come under scrutiny both for the former New Mexico coach’s limited postseason success and his 2002 defense of star Iowa player Pierre Pierce, who had been charged with sexual assault and was eventually dismissed from the team years later on a similar charge.

Alford received a seven-year contract valued at $18.2 million.

Guerrero, who oversaw a $136 million renovation of Pauley Pavilion, is a UCLA alum who once played baseball for the Bruins.

“Serving my alma mater is the honor of a lifetime, and I am committed to continuing to support our student–athletes and staff by implementing the vision set out by Chancellor Block,” he said. “My sincere appreciation to the chancellor. Together, we will continue to do great things.”

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  • x

    I guess success in our marquee programs isn’t a criterion in the decision. How can we not even wait to see how the basketball program performs?

  • drakejr

    Fuck. This. Mess.

    Whatever Tevin McDonald has been smoking, he must have got it from Gene Block.

  • Marc

    I guess Mark is right. The chancellor isn’t too concerned with how athletics does.

    I personally believe that UCLA athletics succeeds in spite of it’s leadership. It does so based on it’s traditions and it’s natural advantages.

    If Dan truly were exceptional enough to warrant an extension through 2019, there would have been more successes, both on the field and in terms of public perception. Is it no wonder to anyone that under Dan’s watch UCLA gets knocked by the national media as a has been? He should be out in front of these issues.

    Instead, he is silent…

    • Oh please. Aside from Women’s sports, ucla has done nothing.

      • Marc


        USC even got busted not too long ago for cheating at women’s rowing. Seriously! It is an intramural sport, not NCAA sanctioned.

        Yet, there was usc, giving scholarships to Eastern Block European women to fill the roster. BTW- that’s against the rules. Athletic scholarships are to be used for NCAA sanctioned sports only.

        How funny!

        • Dude, we ARE’T talking about SC. Face it, ucla is Yesterday U. A “has been” athletic program if there ever was one.

        • Guess you have to kiss the big Wang to get the truth out. How many Men’s titles have you won? This site is a joke.

  • It’s like death. I knew it was going to happen, but it sucks anyway.

  • Hank

    The good news keeps on rolling in.

    What a friggin’ train wreck. CRRAAAPPPP!

  • Mark

    Well my personal hit parade keeps rolling along. I was right about Howland months ago and he was eventually dismissed. And i was right about Guerrero being held in high esteem by the administration and destined for the long term. Doesn’t mean I’m totally in love with Guerrero, but I know what’s what (and certainly more than anyone else commenting herein!)

  • Sam C

    This is great news as it guarantees the continued growth of the women’s lacrosse team unto the end of the decade.

    • Mark

      It’s all about sand volleyball

      • maze949

        Are you a season ticket holder for that too?

        • Sam C

          I’m just sheep man, like a lot of fellow bruins who want to support their school, ucla through and through but one wishes the administration wouldn’t take advantage of that.

  • Sam C

    Alright it’s clear we are going to have to try to win despite Block and Guerrero. Jack, are we getting Rysheed Jordan? Where is parker and is Alford meeting with him at the Final Four this weekend (I hear Alford is attending and parker is from GA)? Is alex kirk, the big 7 footer from unm, coming too? In a nutshell, with all this, besides keeping everyone not shabbazz, we are good to go.

    • Rysheed is deciding on April 11, but dunno how big of a boost the Alford hire is there. Think he stays closer to home. Parker flew back to UCLA on Wed, so Alford won’t be catching him during the Final Four. Could potentially meet with family though. Kirk might stay now that UNM has hired Craig Neal.

  • Mark

    Knowing what we know about the administration, what do you all think would be different under another athletic director?

  • Beautiful. Love it. He’s perfect for Yesterday U. Laughable.

  • ljtdds

    Big mistake! He should have gone with Ben!