New Mexico wants $1 million from Alford by April 29

UCLA coach Steve Alford got a hug from Shaq on Tuesday, but got some far less welcoming news a day later.

New Mexico, his employer of the past six years, wants its full $1 million buyout before the end of the month. Alford had blindsided the school, taking a job with the Bruins just 10 days after the announcement of a 10-year extension with the Lobos.

According to documents obtained by the Albuquerque Journal, the school’s legal counsel is arguing that Alford’s original contract — signed in 2007 — required that he give 30 days notice before leaving for another job. Therefore, the school considers his last day to be April 29, and is demanding full payment by the same date.

Alford had signed a term sheet on March 18 that required him to pay a buyout of $1 million should he leave before April 1, 2015. However, the sheet also stated that terms were contingent upon the parties reaching a final written employment agreement.

The 48-year-old had said his previous buyout was $150,000, and indicated he was unsure of whether or not the new buyout terms would be enforceable.

“I’m not a lawyer,” he said in a teleconference on Saturday. “I’m just an Indiana grad that likes basketball. The lawyers will have to get together to figure that out.”

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  • Sam C

    Of course they think they’re entitled to a million . They have to ask for the big figure so they end up agreeing somewhere in between. What they don’t know we watch pawn stars on tv?

    • That’s a good one

    • pqjim

      That is a good one. Though I wonder how many people on Pawn Stars ever watch the show. Never seem to get the concept that if the shop can sell something for $1,000 they are not going to pay you $1,000 for it.

  • He lied. He pays.

    • maze949

      Cute…your widdle trOJie brain doesn’t quite understand how “agree to terms” vs. finalized contracts work, do you? If you have any questions, feel free to ask: wouldn’t be the first time a Bruin has to explain basic principles to a condom (see: Jordan Farmar tutoring Gabe Pruitt, so he could get an acceptable score on his SAT). Do you know how F’n DUMB “Smilin’ Gabe” must be to need academic help getting into Figueroa Tech? Not even Sra. Ross could come to his aid…