Tony Parker: ‘I’m a Bruin’

Looks like freshman center Tony Parker wants to stay at UCLA. The big man had been undecided about his future after averaging just 6.3 minutes per game, and was visibly upset after many games as former coach Ben Howland left him strapped to the bench. Still, he enrolled for spring quarter and also made an appearance at Saturday’s spring football practice sporting school gear.

With a tweet Sunday night that said, “UCLA I’m a Bruin,” Parker confirmed that he will stay to play for Steve Alford — who had said that his main priority will be retaining players rather than recruiting. Shooting guard Norman Powell had also considered transferring out until Howland was fired.

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  • Parker seems like a good kid. Glad he’s coming back.

  • Sam C

    Good news jack thanks. Here’s hoping mr Parker flourishes with a new coach and a new system

  • Marc

    Thanks Jack. Powell and Parker coming back is really good news.

    Hope for more good news in coming days and weeks.

  • Hank

    This is good news. I think his game could really flourish under a new coaching style. Go Bruins!

  • Sam C

    As much as I respected coach howland, this move saved at least 2 more transfers

    • Marc

      Yeah. Think about that. I had turned on him probably before you did, but I was at one time a huge fan of Ben.

      But, he already had a rash of transfers, and this would have been two more.

      I’m glad they are both sticking around.

  • Mark

    Let’s get 1 thing straight regarding Parker–he still needs to prove his worth and earn his playing time. This program has been plagued by recruits wanting to play 35 minutes a game from Day 1 without understanding who’s in front of them and outperforming them. The Wear twins are very solid, and Alford might bring over his 7-footer Kirk from New Mexico. I’m all for Parker getting PT and excelling, but nothing should be construed as a given.

    That being said I’m excited about Alford’s ability to relate to players and develop them. It will be a refreshing change.

  • GREAT NEWS!! Love Toni Parker.

    • maze949

      You have a lot of little crushes, don’t you?

      • What, you don’t like Toni Parker?

        • maze949

          There’s no Toni Parker…he’s only in your daydreams, unemployed trOJie.

          • Toni is the best player on the team. How’s the wind in the IE?

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Great news, and in the best interests of both UCLA *and* Parker.

  • BruinInSeattle

    Parker and Powell would have stayed regardless who was installed as the new coach…UCLA didn’t have to resort to hiring a scumbag. Bad for the program, Coach Wooden must be turning over in his grave. So long pyramid of success.