• Mark

    I’ve read some snippets of Alford hitting the recruiting trail and visiting area HS coaches. To your knowledge what has he been up to?

  • Mark

    What is the latest on the $1M New Mexico is asking for?

  • Hank

    What do you think are reasonable expectations for Alford’s first year (team record) – from a media, UCLA alumni, general fan, Morgan Center, and unattached viewer (e.g. Cal grad) perspective? What about the 2nd and 3rd years?

  • Who are the genuinely nicest guys on the basketball or football team?

  • Bobby Smith

    We have Allen, Freeman, Alford, Lavine coming in to a group including Powell, Adams, & Anderson. That is 7 players to play the 2 or the 3.
    In your opinion who starts, who plays either the 1 or the 4 more, and who doesn’t see much playing time?