UCLA free agent signings

Will be updated as news comes in. Most recent: 4/30, 11:52 a.m.
Chicago Bears — safety/linebacker Dalton Hilliard (mini-camp invite)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers — receiver Jerry Johnson
Denver Broncos — cornerback Aaron Hester
Indianapolis Colts — cornerback Sheldon Price
San Francisco 49ers — long snapper Kevin McDermott
Detroit Lions — tight end Joe Fauria

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  • Mark

    Surprised Fauria didn’t get drafted, wonder why not

    • He’s not that good

      • ThaiMex

        at least he’s no Junior Pommee!
        fit on nubsie!

        • He’s like you, no nothin’

      • rssjl125

        Good enough for SUC defense AAAAAHHHHH… .

        • Why do all you slugs hang your hat on what you do with SC? So you beat a lousy SC team last year. SC competes on a national basis not with a second rate college in the same town. When you win a NC in football, get back to me. 1/2 in 1954 does not and will never put you on the national scene. In fact, the last time ucla won 20 football games in a row, you didn’t even WIN to the NC. Gag, choke, gag.

          • maze949

            Pot meet kettle. Why do you spend your entire weekend (nay, WEEK) on a UCLA blog? Pathetic little boy…

          • Just address the facts 909. Your statement makes no sense as usual.

          • Not to mention when you get your tail handed to you, you don’t respond. ROFLMAO

          • rssjl125

            National basis huh!?!?! What team are you really talking about we would all like to know, games vs. Hawaii 3x, MIN, SYR hardly calls for national attention.. .

          • Get real. Look at the body of work. Ucla has none. Just a lot of chatter. 20 wins in a roe and NOTHING. Losers.

          • rssjl125

            Yeah okay! How did it go again Reggie Bu$h and Matt “I can’t get off the bench” Leinart Heisman oh thats right 13 – 9 NOTHING!! – Mora “it’s routine to me” OOooohhhh ….

          • Wow. One victory in 10 years. Fantastic