UCLA ‘Spring Showcase’ notes

— Brett Hundley looked sharp, completing 16 of 23 passes for 179 yards and a touchdown. He did take three sacks, however, which is mildly concerning considering that Jim Mora admitted the team did “basically nothing” in terms of defensive schemes. That said, the offensive line only has seven bodies right now.

Quarterbacks coach Taylor Mazzone said the 52 sacks Hundley took started to affect him late last season, as he got a slight case of “happy feet.” He’s up to 230 pounds and down to 8 percent body fat, which should help.

— Cornerback Marcus Rios is out for the season with a rare fungal infection. He told the LA Times that the infection started in his sinus, but then reached behind his eye and brain in what sounds like something out of “Contagion.” He added that only 12 people have ever had it, and eight died. He didn’t say exactly what the infection was, so I’m not sure how true that is or if his case is as serious. Best wishes to him.

— Jordon James probably looked the best out of all the running backs, taking one swing pass from T.J. Millweard down the sideline for 39 yards. Still, no one did anything throughout the spring to counter the inevitable committee this fall.

— Devin Fuller looked great with 66 yards and a touchdown on six catches, but Gray Mazzone actually had the best grab of the day, somehow pulling in a high, tipped pass with one hand.

— Anthony Barr said he wasn’t happy with how slow the defense started, a lack of focus defensive coordinator Lou Spanos attributed to being in a new environment. Barr also said he’s improved mostly on pass coverage this spring; he effectively defended a wide receiver during the last week of spring.

— Attendance didn’t come close to Mora’s 50,000 goal, but did anyone actually expect that? The estimated crowd of 20,000 was a close enough guess, and still a noticeable increase from past spring games. (Last year’s was pegged at 13,000.)

Hundley: 16/23, 179 yards, 1 TD, 3 sacks
Neuheisel: 6/7, 106 yards
Millweard: 6/7, 60 yards, 1 TD
Fafaul: 1/2, 9 yards, 1 INT, 1 sack

James: 5 carries, 20 yards, 2 TD
Hundley: 7 carries, 14 yards
Jones: 3 carries, 14 yards
Roos. Davis: 1 carry, 13 yards
Emesibe: 2 carries, 9 yards
Neuheisel: 2 carries 5 yards
Evans: 1 carry, 2 yards
Fafaul: 2 carries, -5 yards

Fuller: 6 catches, 66 yards, 1 TD
Bell: 3 catches, 39 yards
Perkins: 3 catches, 30 yards, 1 TD
Mazzone: 2 catches, 34 yards
Handler: 2 catches, 24 yards
Roos. Davis: 2 catches, 16 yards
Sweet: 2 catches, 14 yards
James: 1 catch, 39 yards
Walker: 1 catch, 20 yards, 1 TD
Payton: 1 catch, 1` yards
Harris: 1 catch, 13 yards
Jones: 1 catch, 12 yards
Ryan Davis: 1 catch, 5 yards
Lucien: 1 catch, 5 yards

Sermons: 6 tackles
McKay: 4 tackles, 1 INT
Lagace: 4 tackles, 1 TFL
Wallace: 4 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 sack
E. Zumwalt: 3 tackles
Castro: 3 tackles
Combs: 3 tackles
Barr: 2 tackles
Iese: 2 tackles
Graham, 2 tackles, 2 TFL, 2 sacks
Olaniyan: 2 tackles
Porter: 2 tackles
Ankou: 2 tackles
Moreau: 1 tackle
Jefferson: 1 tackle
Orjioke: 1 tackle
Willis: 1 tackle, 1 TFL, 1 sack
Fitts: 1 tackle
Epenesa: 1 tackle
J. Zumwalt: 1 pass breakup

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  • Spedjones

    On Rios, I’ll not speculate, but look up some of the things that allow this sort of infection to take hold. Would be a shame if this was self-inflicted.

    • kitchenslave

      What is the point of making this spurious accusation? (Because, frame it however you like, it’s pretty clear what you’re trying to imply…)

      • Spedjones

        hardly an accusation. But unless he’s got one of those other things that lowers immunity to that level (AIDS, leukemia), it’s certainly not out of the realm.

  • miker%buffspec.com

    ‘so I’m not sure how true that is or if his case is as serious’ Classy.

  • Prayers for Rios.