(Bi-)Weekly Q&A — 5/12/13 Answers

Q: What is the status on Lacy Westbrook? Will he be cleared to play by the fall or will he take a medical retirement? Could you follow-up on the medical condition of the players that have taken a medical retirement under Coach Mora?

Not sure if medical retirement is in Lacy Westbrook’s future, but he doesn’t seem likely to return for the start of fall. I’ll try and catch up with the other guys in the next weeks.

Q: What are your impressions of Steve Alford?

During my relatively brief sit-down with him, he came off as a generic college coach. Friendly enough, but tended to speak in cliches. His assistants were more interesting, but I also had much more time with them.

Q: Was UCLA in play for Mike Moser and is there any rule preventing him from going back to UCLA?

UCLA reached out, but wasn’t a finalist. There is no rule that barred him from transferring back.