Shabazz Muhammad not helping stock at NBA draft combine

One of the first questions asked of Shabazz Muhammad at the NBA draft combine this week was, unsurprisingly, about his age. The former No. 1 recruit’s one-and-done season at UCLA had begun with a suspension and ended with a bizarre report that his father, Ron Holmes, made his son one year younger.

After confirming again that he is 20 years old, Muhammad hinted that the blame lay solely with his father.

“I’m gonna talk for myself now,” he said. “I was a guy who used to just play basketball and let some of my guys talk for me, family members. Right now, I’m more mature as a person.”

Muhammad may also be the only lottery pick who is participating in the NBA draft combine workouts. Top prospects typically opt out since they don’t have much to gain, and arrive instead for interviews. The reigning Pac-12 Co-Freshman of the Year said he chose to participate because he always wants to complete. “I’m not running from anybody,” he told ESPN’s Andy Katz.

He hasn’t wowed anyone by doing so. Muhammad said he prefers to play shooting guard rather than small forward, but struggled to create in one on ones. On Friday, he also measured just 6’4.75″ in socks, although with a 6’11” wingspan.

Though Muhammad has settled in the bottom of the lottery for months now, some team executives said they might not be surprised if he falls even farther.

  • drakejr

    Shabazz has nowhere to go but down from here. He isn’t developed enough to be a lottery pick. The age thing is a deal breaker in terms of expected player development. That is to say nothing about his crap attitude and the fact that he makes Carmello Anthony look like Steve Nash when it comes to ball distribution.

    • Cliff Sakata

      Step up jump shooter. Can’t or won’t play defense and doesn’t pass or rebound. What’s not to like?

      • bruinbiochem06

        Doesn’t rebound?!

  • ScottWu

    I wish him all the luck in the world but he is perhaps the most overrated and overblown UCLA basketball player of all time.

    • Mark

      Dan Gadzuric, anyone? J’rue Holiday?

      • Phil Meyer

        Jrue Holiday? He averaged 17.7 pts/gm this year.

  • Joe Blow

    Typical. Same attitude as Alcindor. What a P U T Z.

  • Sam C

    I think the attitude may be a bit different than Alcindor. Kareem was aloof and unfriendly to the press, this guy just sounds like a dork who knows he’s about to drop out of being a lottery pick.

    • Joe Blow

      Agree, but both are a h o l e s.

  • Mark

    No one cares about this loser, stop reporting on him.