Eddie Vanderdoes could decommit from Notre Dame

On Monday night, multiple UCLA and Notre Dame recruiting sites reported rumors that five-star defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes may be parting ways with the Irish.

From the Sacramento Bee’s Joe Davidson, who emceed the Placer High star’s signing day ceremony:

Speculation about Vanderdoes ranged from character concerns to an academic fall out. Vanderdoes’ coaches continued to rave about his upstanding character on Monday, and his father Eddie Vanderdoes on Monday night texted of his son, “One thing I can tell you is grades or eligibility is not and has never been an issue.”

Placer football coach Joey Montoya affirmed Vanderdoes’ academic eligibility, and praised his character as well. Regardless of reason, he seems set to leave the Irish before even arriving in South Bend.

Should Notre Dame release him from his letter of intent, the blue-chipper could very well be headed to UCLA. Although he also had USC and Washington hats on the table, Vanderdoes’ other major finalist was Alabama, a destination the Irish may wish to block. (Correction: Schools cannot block destinations once they release a player from a letter of intent. All or nothing.)

Given that Vanderdoes was the biggest recruit UCLA missed on, securing him would be a major coup for a defensive line that was banged up through spring practice. Though he’s primarily a 4-3 tackle, the 6-foot-3, 310-pound prospect could also play as a 3-4 end.

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  • JLE3

    This would be HUGE

  • nice to have speculation about something, rumor and innuendo.

    Won’t make any difference to anyone until such time as he decommits and ND lets him choose another school

    • disqus_5zq1um2H9d

      True this isn’t quite hard news. But we can’t have people complaining about the blog not being updated often enough (not referring to you, for the record) AND have people getting mad when rumors get reported. Fact is there’s only so much news to be reported in the downtime of the off season.

  • SonOfWestwood

    Unless he’s stated some hardship or other good reason why he wishes to opt out of his LOI, I fail to see how this differs from the Matthew Thomas situation. I hope things work out for the best for both young men, but I still think it’s important that these young men honor their commitments if it’s a simple change of heart……otherwise they should both face the consequences of transferring.

    • Jonathan Taylor

      I would agree with you, but are you going to hold coaches to this same standard? I didn’t think so… and they already face consequences by having to sit a year… Plus they don’t make a dime off Jersey sales(for high profile players) unless they are on the take..

      • Tool Box

        Coaching is a different scenario as they are contract employees that get hiredfired all of the time. The hiring of coaches is by contract between the school and the coach, there is no draft, no formalized recruitment, etc. Its a whole different animal.

        That being said, schools should be required to give out 4 years scholarships so that these kids get the education that they are promised.

        • Jonathan Taylor

          But what you don’t understand, THE KIDS DOESN’T COMMIT TO THAT SCHOOL, FOR THE SCHOOL. THEY COMMIT TO THE COACH, AT THAT SCHOOL!…. So when a coach leave shouldn’t those kids who committed to him and his coaching staff be allowed to transfer just like he did?

          And I dont even want to get into it about scholarships…

      • Strangerinastangeland

        Exactly. They are teenagers who are under a lot of pressure. It’s OK to change your mind. Once you file the letter of intent, different story.

  • skidrow

    please note Notre Dame cannot “block” Vanderdoes from attending another if given a release before enrolling.

    • Tool Box

      They can’t block him from going to a school, but he would be ineligible from playing his freshman year and receiving another scholarship for that year. He would have to pay his own way and sit out the year. He would only have three years of eligibility left.

      Look at it from the ND perspective, or any other school for that matter. They aside a scholarship for EV that they cannot fill if he does not enroll. Further, they have a hole at NT that they could have filled with another player. EV is putting them in a bad spot.

      I don’t blame the kid for going to whatever school he wants to go to, but there has to be some sort of deterrent, otherwise it would be open season on everyone’s incoming freshman regardless of the LOI.

  • cash.blue

    Stop kissing hiss azz. spoiled brat is what he is

  • pdcooper

    He is a punk kid who’s dad is behind all this. ND should never release him from anything. Let him leave and have to burn his redshirt year. He is thinking he is a two year and out guy anyway. Stay away from this guy, he can’t make a decision.


      u mad?