Six Bruins listed among SI’s all-time college athletes

Sports Illustrated tried to name the best college athletes of all time, ranging from names like Bennie Oosterbaan and Red Grange to Brittney Griner and Tim Tebow. No surprise that the school with the most NCAA championships made a strong appearance. UCLA led with six selections on the 50-person listing.

Lew Alcindor — Plenty of stats to back him up, but forcing the NCAA to outlaw dunking is still the best evidence of his dominance.
Lisa Fernandez — Four-time All-American, three-time national player of the year, two titles. Career 0.22 ERA, .382 batting average. Currently a UCLA assistant coach.
Jackie Joyner-Kersee — Two-time champion in heptathlon, and Olympic silver medalist while still a student. Four-year basketball starter.
Jackie Robinson — First UCLA athlete since Cap Haralson to letter in four sports: baseball, basketball, football, track. More importantly, broke baseball’s color barrier.
Bill Walton — Three-time Naismith Player of the Year. Puts the color in commentary.
Natalie Williams — Four-time All-American in volleyball. Two-time All-American in basketball. First woman to earn both honors in the same year.

An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that the athletes were ranked, rather than listed alphabetically.

  • Reformed Droog

    Is ginger a color?

  • PB

    They’re not ranked, they’re listed in alphabetical order…

    • Jack Wang

      Oops. Sorry.

  • RainMan

    Can we please get this right on a Bruin site? Jackie Robinson lettered in four sports IN THE SAME YEAR. He was neither the first nor the only athlete to letter in four sports at UCLA. 2009 Hall of Fame inductee “Cap” Haralson, according to the bio at the time of his admission, did so before Robinson.

  • Mark

    Kind of a dumb list with no ranking among the 50…

  • Evan Olins

    I imagine many will think of a Bruin who should be included. Mine is Rafer Johnson. Olympic Decathlon champion and world record holder. Unlike Bob Mathias before him Ray didn’t make it onto a Wheaties box. That was a different day and age. Oh, and by the way,he was also UCLA student body president