(Bi-)Weekly Q&A — 5/26/13

Hope everyone’s enjoying their Memorial Day weekend. (Here’s a good, relevant read for anyone with half an hour to burn.) Leave any questions here and I’ll have answers Monday.

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  • Michael Crownover

    So are we done with getting recruits or players for next year, or is coach steve alford just focusing on the 2014 class. And how is tony parker developing, does it appear he might be able to start at 5 next year?

  • rc

    what’s the latest on Vanderdoes?

  • Sam C

    Echoing RC what is the status on Vanderdoes and what’s taking so long? Will he have to sit a year?

  • Sam C

    All is eerily quiet in Steve Alford land. Do we have ANY news on juco transfers or anything?

  • Mark

    For basketball specifically, what is the deal with “access” to players and players being “made available” for interviews. For example, under Howland, I think players were only “available” one day a week (outside games) and had to be requested. Ok, that’s what the university controls. But can’t you, as an enterprising reporter, interview them at Ackerman Union, in the dorm, via cellphone, or through Twitter or some other means?

  • Guest