Four-star RB Craig Lee to sign Thursday

UPDATE: According to BruinSportsReport, Craig Lee has not yet been cleared by the NCAA. The letter he is signing Thursday is not an official NLI, just part of a ceremony at Redlands.


Back on National Signing Day, Jim Mora noted that the 2013 class did not have a running back … yet.

That spot is finally about to be filled, as four-star tailback Craig Lee is set to sign a national letter of intent with UCLA a ceremonial letter on Thursday. The Redlands High star had held off signing earlier because he needed better test results to qualify, but has since scored high enough on the ACT. A NLI can be signed before an athlete becomes eligible.

From the Redlands Daily Facts’ Ed Castro:

“It’s been pretty stressful,” Lee said. “But I had to do it. I did this to myself. I should have done the work from the beginning but it was my fault. I can’t blame anyone but myself.” …

“It feels good,” Lee said. “It’s a big weight off my shoulders. I just feel real happy. I can relax now.”

Lee should be able to play immediately once admitted, and adds some depth to the Bruins’ backfield committee.

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  • Hope Craig doesn’t turn out to be another Bruin thug like jones-Drew

    • jabon

      Yeah he robbed banks and started a fake internet company that stole millions from investors. Lol

    • Bruwins

      I think what Blow J meant is that he’s hoping Craig Lee does not become like the drug addict Charles White or that murderer, OJ.

      • ThaiMex

        or a drunk burglar like current SCUm tight end Pommee….or like SCUM’s DRUNK starting full back last year who got out of Jail just in time for the Saturday game that week,…..or like Ting 1 and Ting 2 who were involved in the STEROID deal a few years ago, or like spittin’ and gropin’ Marc Tyler, or like…….(insert name here___________________).
        fit on Joe Blow (nubsie)

        • Guess where Tyler learned it from? Most learn from their parents. Hmmmmmm. Ol’e Fumble?

          • ThaiMex

            so…..mummy and your daddy are both douchbags?
            fit on torgan

          • At least they aren’t Thai or mex

      • Do you have anything more recent than 20 years ago?

        • Bruwins

          You meant like Junior Pomee? Or 2 years ago with Everson Griffen? How about Mitch Mustain? And fans’ favorite Kevin Ellison who claimed God told him to burn down an apartment. We can also list those drunkard toejams as well, beginning with Josh Booty who got tased by cops or Josh Pinkard. Don’t forget Mark Sanchez the molester !!!! Shall we go on?

          • Yes. Pleas do.

          • Bruwins

            Your buddy, Simione Vehikite. Don’t forget Rey Maualuga and of course Mr. Nutcase, Cole Ford. Shareece Wright and Eric Wright made your scum list as well.

          • You forgot thr bRuin burglary crew. And the hit n run class.

    • Or a hit n run drunk driver that left his girlfriend

  • facescar

    Welcome to Westwood Craig! Excited you made it!

    As long as you don’t pull a Golson everything’s gonna be fine from here on out.

  • Sam C

    I’ve been waiting for Mr. Lee. He’s greased lightning! Always good to have guys who wanna be here.