Shabazz Muhammad’s father indicted on federal fraud charges

At this rate, Ron Holmes probably won’t be in New York for next month’s NBA draft.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Holmes — the father of former UCLA star Shabazz Muhammad — was indicted Thursday on federal bank fraud and conspiracy charges.

Holmes, who also attracted controversy for falsifying his son’s age, is accused fraudulently acquiring mortgages to purchase — and later sell — Las Vegas properties between 2006 and 2009. The U.S. attorney’s office wants $2.5 million from Holmes.

He has pleaded not guilty, is detained as he awaits a detention hearing Friday afternoon.

Holmes isn’t new to this type of crime. The L.A. Times previously revealed that, in 1999, Holmes had pleaded guilty to using false bank statements and tax returns to acquire mortgages. He agreed to use only his birth name as part of his probation release conditions, and was sentenced to six months’ house arrest.

The best move may be for Holmes to cut a deal and pay up, especially with Muhammad on the cusp of an NBA career. The Pac-12 Co-Freshman of the Year, whose age Holmes also falsified, will make at least $1.5 million his first season should he become a lottery pick.

  • ScottWu

    When charged with a crime, you can’t just “pay up” like you can in a civil suit.

    • Jack Wang

      Was implying that he plead out/cut a deal.

  • Mark

    Ucla is lucky this charlatan Shazam has left and hopefully there is no recurring damage. Yet another reason I’m so thankful Howland is gone!

    • mygamerforum

      Ron Holmes is just like you TrojanMark !!! Once a Trojan always a Trojan. No need to spew hatred to UCLA basketball program.

  • Cliff Sakata

    I guess now we know how he bought that Gucci backpack

    • Bruwins

      The backpack was from his sister, who is a tennis pro on WTA circuit. This is old news.

      • Cliff Sakata

        Sorry, intended to be a sarcastic remark. Should have put an “lol” or “haha” after.

  • Joe Blow

    ShaaaaBoom was the prefect fit foe fucla. Poor dad was influenced by the punk and the sleezy recruiting tactics used by the cubbies. How can a thug do such a thing to his daddy? Just another in the line of the filthy Woodie tradition. Sad.

    • Bigwoof1

      As usual, Josephine, you’ve got it all twisted. Former trojan daddy learned it all across town and maybe passed his values to sonny.

      • Joe Blow

        Poor dad was influenced by the punk and the sleezy recruiting tactics used by the cubbies. How can a thug do such a thing to his daddy?

        • Bigwoof1

          You should be a politician, Joey, you even contradict your own words as long as it fits your cockeyed tiresome agenda. Oh wait, you couldn’t be elected as no one with even half a brain would ever vote for you.

          • Joe Blow

            It’s obvious you’d vote for mr

  • Sam C

    How smart is he? His kid is about to make millions and he can’t stay out of the hole long enough to collect.

  • Santiago Matamoros

    Trojans belong at USC. No more flirting with disaster.