Report: Vanderdoes left Notre Dame for ailing family member

When Eddie Vanderdoes officially signed with UCLA earlier this week, breaking his letter of intent with Notre Dame, the five-star defensive lineman only cited “very personal reasons.”

A report from CBS Sports’ Bruce Feldman sheds a little more light on the situation. Sources told Feldman that one of Vanderdoes’ close relatives was diagnosed with a severe illness a few months ago, prompting him to push for a release from Notre Dame.

The Irish have declined to do so, with head coach Brian Kelly explaining that he needed to protect the integrity of his program. Left unsaid was that no head coach wants set a precedent by allowing recruits to renege on their letters of intent.

Unless Vanderdoes and his family can successfully push for a release, perhaps through an appeal, the top-rated lineman will lose a year of eligibility and start playing in 2014.

  • Crushalot

    Kelly is an idiot, ask him if he honored the contract he signed while at Cincinnati. What a tool!!!

  • facescar

    When I didn’t know what the situation was, I agreed with Notre Dame. If this is truly what happened to cause the switch, I think Kelly needs to let him go.

    This is not the case of a guy just changing his mind. This is a very personal matter that deserves exception status.

    Kelly, do the right thing.

  • Mark

    Where is the news in this story? Everyone knew this was family related.

    How come he loses eligibility? This year can’t be counted as a redshirt or the normal transfer sit out year?

    • Jack Wang

      Not when you break your NLI. “I understand that if I do not attend the institution named in this document for one full academic year and I enroll in another institution participating in the NLI program, I may not compete in intercollegiate athletics until I have completed one full academic year in residence at the latter institution. Further, I understand I shall be charged with the loss of one season of intercollegiate athletics competition in all sports. This is in addition to any seasons of competition used at any institution.”

      • Mark

        Thank you!

  • Scott

    I guess for Notre Dame, honoring a college football commitment comes before family.

    Shame on Notre Dame.

    • Joe Blow

      And Alford