UCLA offers Texas 8th grader Lindell Stone

UPDATE: There’s been dispute over whether or not UCLA actually offered Lindell Stone, though 2017 athlete Dylan Moses still does have offers from multiple schools. Either way, an offer would have had little binding power.

After missing out out No. 1 2014 quarterback Kyle Allen, UCLA has extended a hand to another out-of-state signal-caller: 6-foot-2, 190-pound Lindell Stone.

He just completed eighth grade at Dawson Middle School in Southlake, Texas.

Offering middle schoolers isn’t a new phenomenon. USC infamously did it with quarterback David Sills, who committed at 13 years old. The Trojans did it again this week with incoming Upland wide receiver Nathan Tilford. Another 2017 athlete, 6-foot-2 Dylan Moses, has offers from: Alabama, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Texas, UCLA.

Schools have nothing to lose from early offers and commitments, but one wonders if their time might be better spent. Even as the tactic spreads, projecting the development of young athletes remains a bit of a dice roll.

According to ESPN, Stone hasn’t even personally talked to any Bruin coaches yet; all contact has been through his coach. Obviously, a lot can change before he ever actually signs a scholarship: he might not develop as expected; coaches could leave; the world as we know it could end.

Anyway, here are Stone’s highlights. From eighth grade.

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  • JPKB

    Jack, I am no editor and I know this is “just” a blog but shouldn’t you dig into the facts and actually do some investigating before “reporting” on something? We don’t need you rehashing “news” from other sources.