• Scott

    Of the UCLA baseball recruits and upperclassmen who have been drafted, which players have already signed, which players are likely to sign, and which players are likely to come to/stay at UCLA?

  • Play

    What is Vanderdoes status? Does he still have an appeal pending with the NCAA that will allow him to play immediately?

  • jungleland

    So what exactly is the status with Priest Willis and whether he has enrolled at UCLA yet?

  • Joe Blow

    What are the odds of Savage going to SC, which can pay him a lot more money and has a baseball history similar to ours in basketball?

  • Michael Daly

    When will we find out Wanaah Bail’s eligibility for next season?

  • Daniel

    Does UCLA have special admittance standards for football and basketball? We are all aware that UCLA is a prestigious school academically but you rarely here about a player not being admitted by the school if they’re on athletic scholarship whereas, Stanford seems much more selective with offering athletic scholarships. Do they accept them as long they meet the minimum standards set by the NCAA? Has UCLA’s standards changed over the years?

  • EncinitasBruin

    How is Thigpen’s rehab going? Is he on track to play for the season opener?

    • Bruin78

      Long Story short, Damien’s parents run into my father every weekend @ Starbucks. My dad asks about Damien’s recovery every week and his parents have stated several times that he’s doing well and will be in camp this summer. (hopefully that helps, but I’m sure Jack will have something more “official” in his answers)

      • EncinitasBruin

        Thanks Bruin78, that is great news. I think Damien could be one of the “surprise” stars in college football this year. The most dangerous back out of the backfield UCLA has had since Abdul-Jabar.

        • Joe Blow

          Me too. Golly gee 78.

  • BossBruin

    Ed Lewis from BSR was saying something about Jordan McLaughlin visiting UCLA this week, do you have any details on this matter?

  • Bill Hornaday

    We were the most penalized team in the NCAA (except maybe USC). Last year Mora said it wasn’t an area of primary importance. Will he change that this year, and make a concerted effort to reduce penalties.

  • Anony_mouse

    Is Rip Scherer, Jim Mora’s guy to replace Bob Field?
    Do you expect any significant changes at Morgan Center with his hire?