(Bi-)Weekly Q&A — 6/30/13 Answers

Q: We were the most penalized team in the NCAA (except maybe USC). Last year Mora said it wasn’t an area of primary importance. Will he change that this year, and make a concerted effort to reduce penalties.

I would hope so, but I don’t expect him to admit it. I think general improvements on the offensive line and in the secondary will also go toward reducing penalties without requiring particular emphasis.

Q: When will we find out Wanaah Bail’s eligibility for next season?

Since he enrolled at Texas Tech originally, he should need an NCAA waiver to play immediately. I’m guessing he’ll get it given the circumstances, but don’t know when that will be ruled.

Q: So what exactly is the status with Priest Willis and whether he has enrolled at UCLA yet?

He has not enrolled yet, but plans to leave Arizona for UCLA at the end of the month.

Q: How is Thigpen’s rehab going? Is he on track to play for the season opener?

Last news I heard was positive, but rehab news usually is months in advance. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him available, but up to full speed is another question.

Q: What is Eddie Vanderdoes status? Does he still have an appeal pending with the NCAA that will allow him to play immediately?

I think there’s something going on, but I’d be surprised if he ends up playing. An appeal also wouldn’t be to the NCAA, but to the NLI committee — a process that can drag on for much longer.

Q: Ed Lewis from BSR was saying something about Jordan McLaughlin visiting UCLA this week, do you have any details on this matter?

I do not, but UCLA is definitely prioritizing Josh Perkins at point guard. He was on campus last week and plans to announce in August, which is before McLaughlin plans to decide.

Q: Of the UCLA baseball recruits and upperclassmen who have been drafted, which players have already signed, which players are likely to sign, and which players are likely to come to/stay at UCLA?

First, the recruits …

Drafted and signed: INF Gosuke Katoh (2nd round, Yankees), INF Dom Nunez (6th, Rockies), RHP Dustin Driver (7th, A’s), RHP Steve Farinaro (11th, Cardinals), LHP Jonah Wesely (11th, Angels)
Drafted: RHP Scott Burke (31st, Astros), OF Luke Persico (37th, Rockies)
Undrafted: C Dominic Miroglio, OF Kort Peterson, OF Brett Stephens

The two guys that haven’t signed should be good to go for UCLA, but this class was really hurt by the draft.

Of the current players, Brenton Allen (20th, Nationals), Kevin Williams (29th, Marlins) and Ryan Deeter (32nd, Brewers) will likely stay. I expect everyone else to leave. (UPDATE: Brenton Allen announced that he signed with the Nationals. Ryan Deeter already graduated, so he should be gone too.)

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    I could have answered the questions in the same manner… not the quality I would expect from a full time reporter.

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