UCLA official resigns after ‘inappropriate conduct’ allegations

Former UCLA associate athletic director Michael Sondheimer resigned last Thursday after allegedly trying to engage children in sexual online chats.

He had worked at the university for 36 years and was most recently involved in admissions and on-campus recruiting.

CBS 2 first reported that Sondheimer was featured on a website called “Operation Riptide,” a sting operation in which adults posed as minors to catch online predators. The site alleges that Sondheimer attempted to engage children in “sexual chats involving humiliation and degradation.”

In a statement, the university said Sondheimer was placed on administrative leave June 3, after it “learned of allegations that he had engaged in inappropriate conduct.” He resigned on June 27. The statement also said the allegations were unrelated to his job and did not involve students or other employees.

A university and university police investigation is ongoing. His profile has been removed from UCLABruins.com.

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  • barry1817

    I have known this man and hope that the allegations are false, and that he and his family can get through this trial

  • Joe Blow


    • gotroy22

      Another Sandusky. Will the fucla punter and linebacker defend him?

      • Joe Blow

        Try Alford.

  • Long Beach Bruin

    To you, it is.

    By the way, USC Prof. Walter Lee Williams sends his regards, Joe.

    • Joe Blow

      At least he doesn’t “S” in his backyard. And not at WORK. AND not in the ATHLETIC DEPT. Classy uni.

  • Joe Blow

    36 YEARS on the JOB? WOW. Must have been a Sammy G hire and Woodie recruiter.

    • Long Beach Bruin

      High marks for creative trolling there, Blow.

      Good thing nobody knows you’re actually a Bruin.

      • Joe Blow

        Only the slugs from Wilson

  • Bigwoof1

    From his posts, it seems that “Joe Blow” and “inappropriate conduct” are synonyms.