UCLA to extend John Savage through 2025

After leading UCLA baseball to its first national championship, head coach John Savage will sign a new extension through 2025.

According to the Los Angeles Times, he turned down an offer from USC that topped $1 million per year. His latest UCLA contract extension, signed in December and extended to 2017, paid him over $300,000 per year including bonuses. Savage, who just finished his ninth season with the Bruins, had emphasized his desire to stay both before and after the College World Series.

The 48-year-old’s new agreement with the Bruins is pending approval by the University of California board of regents. The next scheduled board meeting is July 16-18.

Prior to a successful tenure at UCLA that includes three trips to Omaha in the past four years, Savage was the head coach at UC Irvine and the pitching coach at USC, where he won the 1998 national title under head coach Mike Gillespie.

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  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    I tip my hat to Coach Savage for turning down what most certainly was a higher salary offer from USC.

    Coach Savage–the UCLA community is very proud of the great program you have built and we wish you continued success!

  • Hank

    I am sure the numbers are plus or minus a little, but the approx $700k difference between what Savage (great last name by the way) was paid by UCLA and by what u$c was offering is HUGE! Wow. Goes to show that not even a boat-load of money can lure talent away (or back in this case) from the Championship Halls of UCLA to that other school across town. Go Bruins!

  • BruinTax

    Hope he got a nice fat raise!! He deserves it… even if for nothing more than turning down U$C

  • Mark

    Good news, and I’m glad he’s staying. But I don’t want to hear any more contract talk, even if Ucla wins the CWS next year, and the year after, and every year until 2025. It shouldn’t be brought up at all until 2025!

    • maze949

      Who cares what you want to hear, troll.

  • Joe Blow

    Of course he turned down SC. Why would he leave a place with low expectations to go to a storied national championship laced program where he’d have a ton of pressure? He will regret his decision.

    • ThaiMex

      nubsie…..maybe he had seen enough of the dump downtown and was not interested in returning to a program that only gets headlines when players are arrested or the Women’s Crew notches another win.
      fit UN torgan!

      • Joe Blow

        If he wants headlines for hit n run, he’s in the right spot. Rape? He’s got Alford. Great place to be……and no pressure to produce. Nd love beans too

        • ThaiMex

          Nubsie…you don’t think MAYBE Savage consulted his pal, Gillespie before deciding on UCLA? Good chance, huh! That Torgan for life B.S. always comes back to bit you in the A$$.
          fit UN torgan

          • Joe Blow

            Different people at SC. Savage wants to stay where there are LOW expectations ans low class fans……like you for instance.