Larry Scott: Pac-12 fans should drop DirecTV

CULVER CITY — Any Pac-12 fans that still have DirecTV should mark the date their contract expires.

Commissioner Larry Scott said at Friday’s Pac-12 Media Day that negotiations for the satellite provider to carry the Pac-12 Network are still at the same “impasse” that existed last year. He made it clear that the conference will not be able to reach an agreement with DirecTV for the upcoming football season, and said he wanted to say so now to allow fans an opportunity to switch.

“I urge our fans that are intent on not missing their team’s games this fall to drop DirecTV and switch to one of the many providers that have it,” Scott said. “All of our coaches and athletic directors that previously had DirecTV have now switched to a provider that has it and they are urging their fans to do the same.”

» After expressing his discontent with DirecTV, Scott moved on to the NCAA. Although he spoke of “evolution” rather than a “radical overhaul” of the organization, he had more pointed criticism than what other conference commissioners have offered in the past.

“It’s fair to say confidence in the enforcement process is at an all‑time low,” he said. “The fairness, speed, consistency and thoroughness of NCAA investigations must be reviewed as well as the impact these investigations and decisions have on our universities as a whole.”

» Scott also took time to lambast the one-and-done trend in college basketball, a surprise for a football media day: “This trend threatens our credibility and the goal of balancing academics and athletics. It’s time to reconsider a system that currently allows student‑athletes to be on our campuses for less than 12 months.”

  • Marc

    Shameless fool. Openly urging customers of a company to abandon said company because he and his staff have been unable to cut a deal is preposterous.

    He and his staff obviously overestimated their appeal and value. Fess up, fella. You blew it.

    • BruinInSeattle

      DirectTV has always been a problem. Scott is correct. He is also right about the NCAA. Wish they could get rid of the one and done, maybe go the baseball route and allow the kids to stay in college even after they have been drafted. Perhaps make the kid pay the college back if the reneg on their part of the agreement.

  • drakejr

    Sorry. I’m happy with DirecTV. I’m not happy with the terrible job the PAC12 has done in making it’s programming available nationwide. As an out of market Bruin, this has been a problem for years. Larry Scott has done some great work on the PAC12, but the network has been his biggest failure.

  • 92104bruinfan

    I cannot believe Scott did not secure a basic framework of terms from all major providers including DirecTV BEFORE rolling out the Pac12 network. If he cuts a DirecTV a deal now, I suspect (without any evidence) there may be a most-favored-nation clause in deals with other providers that would be triggered and result in Scott having to give those providers the same deal. Unless DirecTV welched on a previous agreement with Scott before the Pac 12 network rolled out, this is a glaring failure on Scott’s part.

  • Bruin 34

    Directv is at fault for not coming to terms with the Pac 12. Not Scott. I switched from Directv to Dish. Looks like I won’t be missing the game come August 31st.

  • bruinbiochem06

    I wish Bruin fans and pac 12 fans would voice their opinion with the only thing that matters, their wallet. Leave Direct TV for a company that values pac 12 fans.

  • symonesays

    I agree with Bruin 34. I placed my vote and allegiance by switching from Charter to Dish. I’m a Bruin fan. I go where my team is playing.

  • Chey Tor

    Scott is doing the right thing and I would do the same exact thing. Why take $5 from DirecTV and threaten your agreements with all the other providers when they’re giving you $10? This is going to blow up in DirecTV’s face big time because they are underestimating the value and power of the Pac 12 conference.

    • maze949

      Chey, did you happen to go to UCLA in 2003 (ish?) and work for Parking? I think we were co-workers! ha (This is Jason F., btw…)

  • Dean

    What about fios? Why not just bypass this broken distribution model and offer an online subscription, and appletv/smart tv apps? Just like MLB does.

    • 92104bruinfan

      From a consumer perspective, online subscriptions and a la carte programming would be the way to go. I have MLB via PS3 and it is great. I’d purchase a Pac12 online streaming subscription tomorrow if it was offered.

  • MikeOSU84

    The Pac-12 Network was the motivator for me to switch from DirecTV to Dish last season. I had only missed a couple of games before I switched and I don’t miss DirecTV at all. Maybe Scott should have somehow gotten agreements from all the carriers before launching the new network, but the reality is that we’ll face these same negotiations again in the future with all carriers. I think it is clear that DirecTV is unwilling to place value in the Pac-12 Network. Fine, I guess. As it turns out, I don’t place any value in DirecTV.