(Bi-)Weekly Q&A — 7/29/13

Comment with any questions, and I’ll have answers tomorrow. Thanks.

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  • Bruin 34

    Do you think Hundley can win the Heisman in his time at UCLA? Obviously Clowney is a great player, but I think Barr is just as good if not better. Your thoughts? Can Mora turn UCLA into the Bama of the west? We have a great staff!

  • GoBruins

    What was the final status on the class of 2012 recruits who had problems enrolling? I believe Jeremy Castro and Eli Ankou eventually gray shirted, correct? What about Javon Williams? If they play this year, do you expect any of these players to be in the mix for playing time?

  • Mark

    Why is the football recruiting devoid of momentum? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being absolute panic), how dire is the situation?

  • Marc

    Will you be able to answer the question I asked last time?

    You failed to include it in your responses.


  • Anony_mouse

    Since covering UCLA for the Daily News, ball park, how many times have you received inside information that you could not immediately report on?

  • Anony_mouse

    Is the Daily News going to send you to San Bernardino?
    If so, are you doing anything special to prepare?

  • Scott

    When a student athlete has to retire because of medical reasons, does he also lose his scholarship? If so, is there any way he can get financial assistance if he wants to stay in school?

  • 92104bruinfan

    If Hundley kills it this season, does he consider leaving early in the 2014 NFL Draft? Or does that depend if there are enough pieces to make a run at least a Pac 12 title in 2014 if not more?

  • Cliff Sakata

    Why did Brad Stevens choose the Celtics job, but not want the UCLA job.

  • Marc

    Who votes down my comments?

    Is that you, Jack?

    • Jack Wang


  • Tom Oday

    UCLA has two players on their scholarship roster that, between them, committed seven times. Isn’t that unusual in CFB?