Running back Malcolm Jones: ‘It is frustrating that it’s my last year’

Despite carrying the ball just three times last year, running back Malcolm Jones lost his NCAA appeal to waive 2012 as a redshirt season.

Feeling misused at UCLA, Jones had decided to transfer to San Diego State before changing his mind. He argued to the NCAA that he hadn’t been enrolled for the full season and didn’t practice with the team.

“They said they see cases like that all the time,” Jones said. “They just have to draw the line at some point. … It is frustrating that it’s my last year and I can’t make up for last year.

“I really take that, put it on the field and try to release that anger.”

  • Marc

    Hopefully, he can and will use this as motivation to excel to incredible heights this year.

    Anthony Barr turned NFL heads in one year at LB. Malcom can do it at RB if he dedicates himself to the task.

    I look forward to watching him make the most of his opportunities this year.

    • Joe Blow

      Me too.

  • Mark

    For us fans it’s frustrating that he is such a bust. He put himself in this predicament.

    • maze949

      STFU miserable troll; you’re consistently the least informed “fan” on this blog.

  • drakejr

    This is a disappointing but ultimately correct decision by the NCAA. It’s a shame that this young man lost a year of eligibility. Let’s hope he makes the best of the year he has left.