• CrouchingBruin

    Thanks for the excellent coverage out in San Bernadino, Jack. Do you and the other beat writers generally stay in a hotel for the whole camp, or are you commuting back & forth each day?

    • Jack Wang

      Almost everyone has commuted. I am staying in a hotel tonight and tomorrow.

  • Aero93

    I’ve enjoyed reading your reports. Thanks. How do you decide which players you will interview? Does the football staff dictate that? I would think Hundley would be in demand but I haven’t seen anything from him.

    • Jack Wang

      Hundley and Barr are available every other practice. We can request roughly 4-5 people each time, but the requests are sometimes denied. Since it’s training camp, I’ve been trying to grab freshmen, emerging players, or those in position battles.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Jack has definitely stepped up his game since last season, and since his rocky start after the DN summarily dismissed Miguel. Tons of updates, nice video feeds, balanced by good ink. Nice work, Jack.

    • Jack Wang