• Bruin 34

    I know we have a young and inexperienced secondary but that is the only weakness I see on our team this year. Jack if UCLA would somehow go undeafeated. They would no doubt be in the BCS championship right?

    • facescar

      Not Jack, answering anyways.

      Any team that goes undefeated from a BCS conference is going to the BCS championship. At least if there are 2 or less such teams.

      Here’s the thing. Even as a die-hard UCLA fan, I know we are not going undefeated. We’re just not.

      We are no Alabama. We’re hardly even an Oregon or a Stanford. We are a very good team, and we’re getting better every week, but we aren’t going 12-0.

      Nebraska, Oregon, Stanford, and USC are all road games this year. Stanford and Oregon’s games are back to back, and in the ‘bad’ order. Stanford first to give a load of body blows, Oregon afterwards to play mop-up duty.

      Almost every game on our schedule is harder this year. We have Washington instead of Washington State. We play Oregon State in Corvallis. We’ve traded Rice for a very competent Nevada team. Add on top of that the unfavorable bye schedule (we burn them all rather early in the season), and you’ve got trouble.

      Finally, we’re playing Arizona, Utah, and USC on the road, where all three teams blew us out in 2011. Granted, that was before Mora, but it’s still a serious concern.

      Yes, every single one of these games is winnable, especially when considered in isolation. But simple mathematics show the chances of us going 12-0 doesn’t even begin to approach 1%.

      Winning the South is far more likely though.

      • Mark

        Step off. I’m the only one authorized to answer in Jack’s place.

        • maze949

          Yep, fake Bruin account-trolls are ALWAYS armed to the teeth with information.

      • Bruin 34

        Good response. But I’ve watched every gameand know the team as well as anyone. Jack has been watching them in campso he mighthave a little bit more of an idea then you would. And fyi. We don’t play Oregon St. this year causewe are playing Oregon.

        • facescar

          Oh right. Whoops. I’m interested in Jacks opinion also, just had some points I wanted to get out there.

          • Bruin 34


  • Cliff Sakata

    Rooting for Justin
    Combs. How is he doing out there?

  • 92104bruinfan

    Did former Bruin coach RN agree to give former Wolfpack coach Chris Ault a game against Nevada in consideration for Ault sharing his knowledge about the Pistol offense a few years back?

    • EncinitasBruin

      P.S. Great question, 92104!

    • Jack Wang

      Sorry, I don’t know. I’ll post something if I find out.

      • 92104bruinfan

        Thanks Jack. Just hazarding a very uneducated guess here.

  • Cliff Sakata

    Can you post the football schedule with TV channel on this site somewhere?

  • EncinitasBruin

    I hate to even put this out there, but here goes: If Hundley goes down, does Baby Neuheisel have the chops to carry this team? Or, does Mora press Woullard into action and burn the redshirt year?

    Sidenote: I’ve only seen JN throw a couple of balls at one practice, and have never seen him in a live scrimmage. If he plays anything like the way his dad did (I was a student when RN was gutting out wins for the Bruins–under-talented, over-achieving stud Bruin), then we might have a fighting chance…

  • The EDGE

    Recruiting for both basketball and football, please! It doesn’t look promising for both sports.
    Thanks in advance!

  • EncinitasBruin

    OFF Q&A (sorry Jack). This just in from morning presser with Mora: Barr cleared to go for this Saturday. Not on injured list for Nevada (source, insidesocal.com.ulca)–GREAT news.