Weekly Q&A — 8/25/13 Answers

Q: Do you think Jim Mora might still hold him Anthony Barr out — suit him up, but only use him if the game gets close?

A: I think Barr will start if he’s ready to play. That he already returned to practice today, albeit in shells, seems to indicate that he’s on track. If Mora was worried about having to ease Barr into game action, I doubt the linebacker would have started practicing already.

Q: I hate to even put this out there, but here goes: If Brett Hundley goes down, does Baby Neuheisel have the chops to carry this team? Or, does Jim Mora press Woulard into action and burn the redshirt year?

Sidenote: I’ve only seen JN throw a couple of balls at one practice, and have never seen him in a live scrimmage. If he plays anything like the way his dad did (I was a student when RN was gutting out wins for the Bruins–under-talented, over-achieving stud Bruin), then we might have a fighting chance.

A: Jerry Neuheisel got good reviews as the scout-team quarterback last year, but had some rough sessions through both spring and fall. He doesn’t have a particularly strong arm, and he spent a lot of fall forcing his throws. My rough estimate would be at least 15 interceptions in San Bernardino, but probably more. That said, the team will use him if it only needs to replace Brett Hundley for a game or two so Asiantii Woulard can preserve his redshirt. If Hundley’s out for, say, six games, the staff would likely give Woulard some game experience. They could then redshirt him next season assuming Hundley returns.

Q: I know we have a young and inexperienced secondary, but that is the only weakness I see on our team this year. If UCLA would somehow go undefeated, they would no doubt be in the BCS Championship right?

A: There is almost no chance UCLA goes undefeated. The secondary is still questionable, and even the running game is unspectacular if adequate. But yes — if the Bruins shock everyone and pull off a perfect regular season, they would likely finish their season in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 6. If other conferences also have undefeated teams — Ohio State and Alabama, for instance — they could potentially shut out an undefeated UCLA, but perfect regular seasons are becoming increasingly rare across the sport.

Q: Rooting for Justin Combs. How is he doing out there?

A: He’s OK for such an undersized corner, but he won’t be a major cog anytime soon. The secondary’s lack of depth may mean that he gets some time in the rotation though, especially if anyone gets injured. His father was chatting up defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin after a recent practice, though, so maybe that bodes well for him. (Kidding! Sort of.)

Q: Can you post the football schedule with TV channel on this site somewhere?

Here you go. There isn’t a function to pin the post on the blog yet, but hopefully a future redesign will fix that. I’ll update it as kickoff times are announced, so feel free to bookmark it.

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  • Pyperkub

    No way an Undefeated Ohio St edges out an undefeated UCLA. 3 games against Stanford/Oregon plus Nebraska on the road trumps Ohio St.’s weak schedule, and would in fact trump an undefeated Alabama’s schedule too. Any undefeated Pac-12 team would make it over the B1G.

  • EncinitasBruin

    In case you check in here again, Jack: Any hope that the Pac-12 Network will go “live” on ATT U-Verse anytime soon?

    • Jack Wang

      A little more hope than DirecTV, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • OCBrewin

    to ‘pin’ the schedule you add a ‘page’ instead of adding a ‘post’. then add the page to the main/top menu…takes a minute to do:)

    • Jack Wang

      Thanks! It’s in the right sidebar now.

  • LTEfan

    Road games at Nebraska, Oregon, and Stanford. Win those 3 games before anyone even thinks about an undefeated season, please.