VIDEO: Jordan Zumwalt talks about facing Cody Fajardo

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Despite an eventual blowout victory, UCLA struggled to contain Nevada’s Cody Fajardo early on. The Wolf Packs’ dual-threat star had 77 of his team-high 106 rushing yards in the first half, finishing with two touchdowns on the ground.

In the second quarter, though, linebacker Jordan Zumwalt got the best of his former high school rival. Fajardo got loose along the right sideline, diving toward the end zone after running over 14 yards. Zumwalt met him in the air, knocking Fajardo out of bounds just early enough to keep his right arm from reaching inside the pylon.

The touchdown was called back after video review. Fajardo punched it in right after, cutting UCLA’s lead to 17-13, but it wasn’t against Zumwalt.

“So happy I made that play,” Zumwalt said. “That was like my redemption play. … If he had gone over me and got that touchdown, I would’ve been so sad. I know they scored the next play, but I was just happy I won that one.”

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  • Joe Blow

    Made the PLAY???? Are you kidding me? Fajardo was playing with a bunch of Pop Warner pee wees. Mr. Big has all the 5 stars (hahaha). If he made that play, where the heck was he on the next one? TOUCHDOWN.

    • Marc

      What’s up Jerkoff?

      Stupid fool.

      Come down to the Rosebowl and have a beer with me and my friends.

      We’ll see how badass you are.

  • Marc

    Joe Blow is an idiot.

    Why do you let him post here, Jack?

    • Joe Blow

      it’s call Freedom of Speech. You only act with anger because you know I’m right and you are jealous. Wow, a beer? Bet you and your boyz have a bag of chips too.

      • Marc

        Freedom of speech refers to government intervention. Dumbass. I and any organization can freely restrict your freedom to act stupidly.

        I got a 40z for you, if you ain’t chicken.

        • Joe Blow

          F U. I could give a crap about you, your boyz, or a lousy football program that hasn’t had a NC since 1954. Go get another tat.

          • ProbationU

            You spend a lot of time here for someone that doesn’t give a crap. It’s true that you have actually vacated more NC’s than we have one. What’s the state of your team now? Enjoy Lane for awhile longer and if you want to find out what a real team is doing in the present, and not the past, keep watching the Bruins who have both a head coach and a quarterback. SC has neither. Don’t choke on those sour grapes.

          • Joe Blow

            Drink the Kool Aid. Wait til the Pac 12 starts. glub glub glub. We MAY be down (maybe not), but at least we’ve been to the TOP. Something the bRuins WILL NOT do this year.