Denzel Fisher marks UCLA’s continued focus on secondary

Hours after landing its best defensive recruit yet in four-star prospect Adarius Pickett, UCLA landed another cornerback: Compton Centennial’s Denzel Fisher.

A three-star recruit, Fisher is’s No. 7 cornerback in the West and No. 40 in the country. The Bruins now have five defensive backs in their 2014 class after inking four in February.

UCLA’s 58-20 home win over Nevada likely impressed some high schoolers, injecting a bit of momentum in what had been a slow recruiting start.

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  • Bruin 34

    Sounds like BOOM!!!

  • Marc

    The UCLA brand is trending up in football.

    As long as UCLA can keep this staff together, it looks like we’re all in for a fun ride for years to come.

    • Bruin 34

      Agreed Marc. I hope UCLA makes the commitment to the football program. This staff has NFL experience and recruits kids to fit their styles of play. We keep this staff. I have no doubt we will take over and be the dominant program in college football much like our 20 game winning streak Bruins

    • Joe Blow

      They won’t stay together. Barr….gone. Hundley….gone. Win 9 games, Mora…..gone. Marc my words.

  • NonAlumBruin

    Please clarify a detail for me. We have CB Adarius Pickett and CB Denzel Fisher declaring this week and four others from February. Isn’t that 6 defensive backs?

    This is great. It sounds like BOOM. What is the 2014 commit situation now?

  • Mark

    We all know this don’t mean nothin’ until they sign for real in February. That’s a long way away. These early committs may be the worst thing since now they’ll just talk with other teams behind our back!