UCLA to debut black ‘L.A. Midnight’ uniforms

When UCLA hosts Washington on Nov. 15, the Bruins will be decked out in these black “L.A. Midnight” uniforms. They probably aren’t for those who prefer more classic looks, but as far as alternate uniforms go, these aren’t half bad.

Photos and a poll after the jump:




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  • Bruin 34

    Finally! Been waiting to hear when they would unveil the black alternate unis. They are gonna look sweet when we destroy Udub!

    • Joe Blow

      If Price stays healthy, UW will wipe up the Rose Bowl with those ugly unis.

      • maze949

        Thought you didn’t care about the Bruins, boy.

        • Joe Blow

          Thought you weren’t going to follow me homie.

  • NonAlumBruin

    If you have to look like Predator then you should probably play like Predator.

  • bruinray97

    I like the black alternates, but last seasons LA Nights alternates were better imho. I hope they produce the same results against UDub as they did last year against Arizona.

  • Danny

    Looks cool and I guess its keeping up with the times (ala Oregon), but personally I think UCLA should focus on winning the game.

    • Kam Bing Oei

      It’s more like a recruiting tool than anything else.

  • jameskatt

    I loved the midnight blue uniforms they used one game last year.

    The dark uniforms should give them an additional boost in aggression.

  • I_Like_Buildings

    I like the Midnights from last year better and was hoping those would go into regular rotation at least once a year.

  • C.g. Carver

    We UCLA fans are traditionalist and we are Hollyweird’s. SoCal is also a world-wide trend setter, correcto? The new uniforms ‘LA Midnight’ are outrageously awesome.
    I like the idea of wearing them once at home and once on-the-road. The on-the-road presentation will allow UCLA (us) to keep our persona’s.
    Beat the Corn Neb’s…Go Bruins