Jim Mora storms out of presser when media member talks on phone

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UCLA head coach Jim Mora began his Monday press conference by talking about receiver Nick Pasquale, who died early Sunday morning in a car accident. However, a local media member (a TV technician) interrupted the session by talking on the phone in the back corner, drawing an irate admonishment from Mora.

After delivering an A+ death glare, Mora stormed out of the room. Unsurprisingly, he did not return. This was Mora’s only scheduled availability this week.

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  • G_Rock

    Good for him. I’m a Husker fan but definitely have respect for Mora. Some things are more important than football. I feel like he does things the right way at UCLA. Looking forward to a good game on Saturday!

    • RoycePowell

      Much respect over here at UCLA for the Cornhuskers….

  • Anthony Ximenez

    Nebraska fan here. I’m sorry for your loss UCLA. Jim Mora did the right thing. I hope we have a great game Saturday in memory of that young man. Go Big Red. Go Bruins!

    • RoycePowell

      Thanks..looking forward to our match up on Saturday…you guys have a strong and proud program!

  • RoycePowell

    Who is the disrespectful F? I’m glad Coach Mora cut the press conf short. Tough time for the Bruin Family….

  • Andy Lucas

    “The disrespect of some people is just unbelievable.”

    You said it Jim.

  • Eddie

    Nebraska fan here. So sorry for the loss of your player. My thoughts and prayers are with your team and the families. I guarantee that the crowd in Lincoln will show their love. GBR!!! GO BRUINS!!!!!!

  • Huskerpower

    It’s hard to believe that a reporter could be that disrespectful – it’s bad when it’s a normal press conference, but during the update on something like this, wow. Prayers for the family and team, knowing that we celebrate for those that go but we are pained to miss them.

    For those of you traveling to Lincoln for the game, I hope you enjoy your time in Lincoln and that it’s a great and injury free game for both teams. Good luck to you, Go Big Red!

  • Gearld Wolff

    Coach Mora showed restraint. That specific reporter should be banned from all future press conferences. I am a Husker fan who traveled to LA last year. UCLA is a class act. That reporter is not. My condolences on your loss Bruin nation. Sympathy and prayers.

  • Brandon Beardsley

    This is why I love Coach Mora. He never puts up with people like that idiot reporter.

    Thanks for the kind words Husker Nation. Looking forward to a great game this Saturday! #UCLAvsNEB

  • TrojanConquest

    I have always said I’d never come on a UCLA site, but I wanted to express my condolences and also compliment Mora for doing the right thing. I always said that when UCLA was down I wanted them to get better to make the rivalry mean something, and now the shoe is on the other foot.

    • EncinitasBruin

      Class act, TC. Two great schools. Hopefully a rivalry restored. If I was Coach Mora, I don’t know if I could have restrained myself from approaching the guy and escorting him out personally.

  • chriskim

    Coach Mora handled it as best as anyone in his position could’ve handled it. I can only imagine the emotion and mourning that may exist in that locker room. Lets go bruins.

  • Moises Rosiles

    Wow..i would not want Mora upset with me!!! I love this guy, he just does everything right. Such a sad loss of a young, courageous soul. Prayers go out to the Pascuale family and all of #BruinNation. Much props to #HuskerNation and #SCNation for their sypmathies and condolences…petty rivalries aside!

  • SUBuddha

    Way to go Coach Mora! See you Bruins in Palo Alto in a few weeks.

  • Bruin 34

    Thanks for all the kind words Husker fans. You are showing a lot of class. You have a storied program as well. I’m looking forward to the game and us playing in Lincoln. Good to see classy people are still around.

  • EncinitasBruin

    Coach Mora understands that some things are a lot more important than football. I really just hope the dunderhead who was talking on his phone has learned a lesson he will never repeat. Could you imagine if that had been a Woody Hayes or Bobby Knight press conference? Could have gotten really ugly…

    • ED/PHX

      Thoughts and Prayers from this staunch NU fan but there are more important things than Athletics. That technician should have known that would be topic # 1. I was in Nawlins during Jim Sr.s reign and actually met Jim Jr. at a Saints function. Never a more squared away head coach and fine family involved in the game. He knew there was more than football and instilled that on his Son….Sorry for your loss. here’s to a super game in honor of 2 class programs and Nick Pasquales.

  • Jon

    Husker fan here, I deeply am sadden by the tragic loss of this young man. My support ans sympathies go out to the family, UCLA Team and the UCLA fans. Go big Blue and Go big Red. I will be there at the game, and I will clap proudly when they memorialize Nick. Jon V

  • Ron Schwab

    Nebraska fan here and can’t wait for the game. Have HUGE respect for what Mora did in the press conference. I think he is a great coach taking UCLA in the right direction. It’s amazing that someone have little respect to not shut there phone off in the conference. That reporter is a tool and should be banned from future press conference’s. GO BIG RED

    • EncinitasBruin

      Thanks Ron. We (UCLA fans) have waited a long time for a coach who knows the game, knows how to win, and is passionate about his players. Donahue was the last great coach who epitomized those qualities for UCLA. May the best team win on Saturday, and wish I could be there.

  • Mark

    On the flip side, Mora needs to keep his composure. He demands the players keep their composure, right? No fighting allowed, need to cut down on penalties, play through adversity, etc. Isn’t the proper response to call out the offending person, catch your breath and continue like it never happened? However, storming out is a much better alternative to going over and punching the guy!

    • EncinitasBruin

      The head coach was making a memorial statement–a eulogy, really–about one of his student-athletes. The kid had died less than 36 hours earlier. I get your point, but you are a better man than I am if you could have stayed in the room–I would have walked too, in fear of hitting the guy if I stayed.

      • Mark

        Well now the story is about Mora storming out, not whatever he had to say about the deceased player

        • Really it’s about the asshole in the back.

    • George Zankich

      did you watch the video? He called out the individual.. the nerve of them telling him he could continue. He even asked them to leave… i would assume they just stood that.. he made a great attempt at it… at that point… he was overcome with anger and emotion. Mora continues to keep the focus on Nick Pasquale.

  • Teddy

    Another Nebraskan and Husker fan here. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nick Pasquale’s family and his Bruin family. I can’t imagine losing a child. Nick was way too young. I expect he’s catching footballs from our fallen QB, Brook Berringer in that big stadium in the sky. You’ll all be welcomed to Lincoln Saturday, and I hope we have a moment of silence for Nick and his loved ones. God bless.

  • Micarl

    Another Nebraska fan here, and live is So Cal for 12 years. Mora absolutely did the right thing. I’ve always respected this coach, and am glad that UCLA is in good hands. Let’s have a great game Saturday. So Cal, visit Lincoln when you can for a game. It will be a memorable experience!

  • Joe Blow

    The press guy was an @$$. I realize he was talking about a tragedy, but he wasn’t much better. The press guy was probably Scot Wolf. Kiff pulls the same stuff and is just horrible. Mora goes off in a huff and is hailed a hero. Too much Kool Aid.

    Now on a serious note, RIP Pasquale is just a horrific story. A great young man struck down in the prime of his life. Who cares about football?

    • EncinitasBruin

      If memory serves me, Kiffin’s 17-second presser ended when he stomped off in a huff over a football-related question that rubbed him the wrong way. That’s worlds away from a coach basically giving a memorial statement about a player that’s just been killed, and then having some jacka## chat away on his phone. It’s almost (ALMOST) as bad as someone taking a call at a funeral while the eulogy is being offered.
      Your last statement, Joe, is spot on: Who cares about a game when something like this happens?

      • Joe Blow

        Agree. Mora could have handled it with a little more class than stomping off and yelling at a person. He put himself on a lower level by leaving in a huff.

  • utefan561

    my condolences to the loss of your team mate!…and see ya on the 3rd… In SLC

  • GoBigRed

    I love the game. This puts life into perspective. I’ve always like the UCLA program and now I have a reason to respect it even more. I have a son that will play in his first Varsity game a a sophomore this Friday. It would kill me if anything happened to him. Although I can’t really understand your pain, I can imagine the love you have for him. Blessings to your family, the team and coaching staff. Thanks Coach.

    • EncinitasBruin

      You must be a proud dad! Good luck to your son, and thanks for taking the time to give your respects.

  • dmajyee

    Mora is expressing the team’s grief of the death of one of its players and a guy’s yakking on a cell phone. Don’t people have the courtesy anymore to put those phones on vibrate and even more, DON’T ANSWER THE DARN THING!

  • Hugh Nightingale

    How anyone can be so disrespectful to hold a telephone conversation at a PC in such tragic and stressful circumstances simply beggars belief even in this day and age. The reporter concerned ought to find an alternative vocation

  • Linda Maas Blank

    Another Husker fan here sending our prayers and sympathy to his family, to Coach and the UCLA football team. In Nebraska the football program is really one big family and when one hurts they all hurt and I’m sure the same rings true there. I hope the fans attending the game allow our fans to extend them all a warm greeting and words of encouragement to take home to all those involved. Whatever the outcome I believe this is a game where respect for each others programs can set an example of what college football is supposed to be like. Good luck to both teams and please know you all remain in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Justin Melkus

    Sorry about the loss to the team and school. A tragedy.

  • Andy Ducey

    Being a Trojan Alum and a childhood friend of Mel and Laurie Pasquale, I can only state the fact. Coach Mora is one of the finest human beings that has ever coached in the Southland, and that includes any sport, at any level. This is more than football, it’s about life and death. The real game throughout life is to persevere through the good and the bad. To help others in need and to encourage people to do their best and to try keep their chin up when a tragedy like this occurs. UCLA Athletics has found a gem in Coach Mora, and even though I’m a Trojan for life, I salute the integrity that he carries in his heart for his players. I wish we had a head coach like that. Andy Ducey San Jose/San Clemente

    • David Atkinson

      Thanks. Class wears Blue and gold as well as Cardinal and Gold. Go Bruin

      • EncinitasBruin

        Thanks Andy. The Southland is full of great folks from both sides of the rivarly, including you. From a UCLA alum…

  • David Atkinson

    Thanks for Support Husker Nation. I am a Bruin, my Dad is a Husker, we both want a good game and we both understand and respect what Coach Mora did during this press conference. Go Bruins. Thanks Huskers.

  • David Rowland

    RIP to the young man and hang in there Bruins! And I am a life long Trojan fan, but we talking about a young mans life here. No doubt about it my Trojans are down but i am happy to see the Bruins back to a respectable program thanks to Mora and the fans…LA and UCLA deserve to have a good program back like they usually have. Good luck against another great progam on Sat (Nebraska)!

  • Luis Recendez

    I’m a USC Trojan. Mora gets my total respect for what he showed there.



  • Rusty

    I agree with Coach Mora. Trying to talk about a death of a player which is hard enough but to have to also placate the media and be interrupted by an insensitive “rookie” reporter and his disregard for the level of seriousness in Coach Mora’s statement is really what the media is all about these days. Can’t stand them, Coach handled it admirably under the circumstances. Stanford Cardinal fan, but have the utmost respect for Coach Mora.

  • John Murray

    Mora handled this fine. I know you media types have to stick together and all, but your obvious framing in this article is insulting and more than a little dishonest.