NBC4 apologizes for technician who interrupted Jim Mora

Roughly 90 seconds into Jim Mora’s press conference yesterday, a NBC4 technician began muttering loudly on his phone in the back corner. Mora had been talking about the death of receiver Nick Pasquale, and quickly became angry.

“Hey, shut up,” he said. He continued to glare at the technician, and exchanged a few more words with him before storming out of the room.

The story quickly spread nationally, with most media and fans siding with Mora. NBC4 issued an apology last night:

NBC4 wants to apologize for an incident that we caused Monday afternoon at the news conference with UCLA head coach Jim Mora.

As Mora was talking about the tragic passing of Nick Pasquale, one of our technicians was in the back of the press on the phone with our station.

It disrupted the coach. Understandably, Mora abruptly ended the news conference saying our technician was being disrespectful.

There is no excuse for this incident.

We deeply regret it and want to apologize to the Pasquale family, Mora and all of UCLA.

We are sorry.

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  • Bruin 34

    There is no apologizing for interrupting a coach when he is talking about a player of his who died! Lack of integrity and class for all of you at NBC!

    • Reformed Droog

      Of course there is apologizing, and I thought this statement was made with sensitivity and contrition. People make mistakes. To be certain, this was an egregious mistake, but it was a mistake nonetheless.

      Let’s not dwell on it and return to honoring Nick in a more meaningful manner.

      • reysvz

        No, it was more than a mistake. What the story should have added and what NBC left out of their apology was that after Mora told the tech to stop talking on the phone, the tech jester his hand in a circular motion to continue talking while he was still talking on the phone.

        This is what prompt Mora to leave, which minutes later, Mora came back to the reporters.

        • BruinInSeattle

          sure…the tech is still an asshole, but the apology was good.

          • Joe Blow

            BIS, do you think Sark would tell anyone to “shut up” or storm off? I don’t. Mora should apologize for his childish behavior.

          • ThaiMex

            and your parents should apologize for not having the abortion.
            AZZZZZ CLOWN

          • Joe Blow

            Your parents did and some bum pulled you out of the trash bin. AZZZZZ CLOWN

          • BruinInSeattle

            what are you, like 12 years old?

          • Joe Blow

            At least I’m not over 75 like you are. Have another Ensure.

          • BruinInSeattle

            An SC education at its finest.

          • Joe Blow

            Better than your GED. BTW, what was the name of the horse you road to school?

          • BruinInSeattle

            no, because Sark is another SC gutless scumbag who wouldn’t have the balls to confront even his shadow. of course he wouldn’t have stormed off, but in his dreams, he would have imagined he did.

          • Joe Blow

            Oh, another jealous SC hater. Mora made an a s s out of himself, just like you have. Maybe he would have dreamed of walking off sort of like you a h o l e s dreaming of a football national championship.

          • BruinInSeattle

            ummm…this is a UCLA blog, of course I am another SC hater. What else did you think would be on this site when you started trolling it? Your powers of deduction are amazing. As for “dreaming” of a football championship…yeah, that would be a nice addition to the other 109 national championships the Bruins have. But don’t confuse that with some sort of envy over USC’s football championships, because we all know the kind of cheating and ensuing prohibitions that go along with getting those.

          • Joe Blow

            if you include Girly Ball, sure 109. Add Ping Pong, that gives you 150! Fantastic. Cheating? Sam Gilbert AND some of those players ADMITED it. Filthy Woodie.

    • NonAlumBruin

      Good apologies acknowledge the error and make no excuses. That was a good apology.

    • CrouchingBruin

      I wouldn’t paint everyone at NBC with the same broad brush. I know someone who works for them, and she is a very nice and considerate individual. There are going to be inconsiderate and unthinking people at every company, church, and school (even UCLA!), so blame the individual, not the organization.

  • Mark

    I think the apology goes to far. The interruption didn’t cause Mora to leave the press conference he left on his own. The station should be apologizing solely for interrupting. However, the station should also apologize to the other reporters in the room.

  • jfast27

    Nice to see a definitive apology from the station but the tech needs to personally apologize as well.

  • Blotoo Thehead

    Mora was out of line to sit there and be ruler over all. He didn’t have to get his panties in a bunch. The guy received a call which bothered coach.Mora. Mora could have politely said to take his call outside or hang up…end of disturbance. But Mora has to bully him and tell him to shut up, This is when the tech who is in a position of embarrassment and remorse and wants this episode to end now ,proceeds to hang up,and said he’s sorry and to continue on with his press conference. But Mora’s not done. How dare this tech tell me what do do is Mora’s next rant. And he continues to scold this guy.
    What if the situation was a little different? Maybe the phone call was from his wife that called to tell him his daughter was hit by a car……..

    Nice of the spineless network to back up their employee. The apology was already made by the tech and Mora is the one out of line. I would start sending out my resume.