UCLA earns highest AP poll ranking since 2007

After blowing out Nebraska in Lincoln, UCLA moved up three spots to No. 13 in the Associated Press poll.

The last time the Bruins were ranked higher? Sept. 9, 2007, when a 27-17 win against BYU bumped the Bruins up to No. 11. Karl Dorrell’s squad unraveled the following week, being blown out at Utah, 44-6. Despite preseason hype, UCLA finished with a 6-7 record that ended with a 17-16 loss in the Las Vegas Bowl — a rematch against the Cougars.

(Note: Eathyn Manumaleuna, credited with the game-winning field goal block, is incredibly still on BYU’s roster this season.)

Jim Mora’s team looks too good and too well-coached to suffer a similar collapse, but its October visit to Salt Lake CIty may still be a bit of a trap before the brutal back-to-back at Stanford and Oregon. The Bruins lost their last two games at Rice-Eccles Stadium (in 2007 and 2011) by a combined score of 75-12.

That said, the Utes aren’t a great team and UCLA did just fine against a record crowd of 91,471 in Nebraska. A visit from Cal the following week shouldn’t pose a major looming distraction to the Bruins either.

Elsewhere in the Pac-12, Arizona State debuted at No. 23 in the rankings after a controversial win over Wisconsin. Oregon and Stanford held steady at second and fifth in the country, while Washington moved up two spots to No. 17.

The full AP poll below, with Pac-12 teams bolded:

1. Alabama (59), 2-0
2. Oregon (1), 3-0
3. Clemson, 2-0
4. Ohio State, 3-0
5. Stanford, 2-0
6. LSU, 3-0
7. Louisville, 3-0
8. Florida State, 2-0
9. Georgia, 1-1
10. Texas A&M, 2-1
11. Oklahoma State, 3-0
12. South Carolina, 2-1
13. UCLA, 2-0
14. Oklahoma, 3-0
15. Michigan, 3-0
16. Miami (FL), 2-0
17. Washington, 2-0
18. Northwestern, 3-0
19. Florida, 1-1
20. Baylor, 2-0
21. Ole Miss, 3-0
22. Notre Dame, 2-1
23. Arizona State, 2-0
24. Wisconsin, 2-1
25. Texas Tech, 3-0

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  • Bruin 34

    It seems we have a great shot at starting
    the season 5-0 and going into a top 10 ranking for both teams Mega match up with Stanford. One game at a time. I know we aren’t a great team yet and are only scratching the surface. Still feels nice though. Go Bruins!!!

  • Mark

    Don’t jinx it!

  • Without a playoff, there is no national champion, only a popularity contest.

    Three one-loss teams ahead of UCLA shows the essential dishonesty of the current system.

    • jameskatt

      It is a popularity contest. It has always been that way. And it will not change. So live with it.

      The goal of any team is to go to a bowl game. The more popular the team, the bigger the bowl.

      • CrouchingBruin

        The major conferences don’t want a playoff because of the revenue loss, either. Much of the revenue from a team in a bowl game is shared with the other schools in the same conference.

        Practically speaking, you can only have 16 teams at most in a playoff system, because you don’t want the playoffs to go more than 4 weeks after the regular season. Basketball can have a 64 team playoff because they play two games per week and can therefore finish in four weeks, but because football is so physical, you can’t expect teams to play more than once per week.

        Then to be fair, you need to take at least the winner of each conference, like they do with the NCAA basketball playoffs. Since there are 10 conferences in the BCS, that would leave 6 at-large slots, with probably one slot going to the independent schools. So the major conferences, which are used to having four, five, even six teams at a post-season bowl, would have at most, two teams in a playoff system, but more than likely just one.

        In the best case scenario for a conference, it would have two teams make the playoffs, with both teams meeting in the championship game. That would be the equivalent to having eight teams playing in a post-season bowl in the current system (two teams x 4 games each = eight games total).

        Worse case scenario is that the conference has only one team make the playoffs (which would be most conferences), and that team loses in the first round. So instead of revenue from six bowl games that they could have had with the current bowl system, they only get the revenue from one bowl game.

      • Joe Blow

        Oh please. You won 20 in a row and couldn’t bring home the bacon. Win all your games, you’ll be there. But you won’t.

        • ProbationU

          Hey Joe BlowHARD. Go focus yourself on Utah St. You guys SUC.

          • Joe Blow

            Not as much as your program does. Filthy Woodie.

          • ProbationU

            Troll on douchebag! Your team will be bad for several years to come. Maybe you can get Marv Goux to sell your tickets for you.

          • Joe Blow

            Blah Blah Blah. Filthy Woodie. Our team won’t be as bad as yours has been since 1954. Hahahahahaha.
            Sam Gilbert.

          • ProbationU

            Get some water polo tickets. At least you are good at that….allegedly. One word Trojans use all the time…allegedly.

          • Joe Blow

            Maybe we can hook up when you’re done with SOFTBALL. Hahahaha

          • ProbationU

            Actually our softball is in decline, like SC football. Maybe there will be an opening for Kiffin…those girls might like his hostess program that he had at Tennessee.

          • Joe Blow

            Kiff, unlike you, is not into those type ladies.

        • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

          Joe’s psychiatrist has been on vacation, thus the prescription renewal hasn’t come through yet. Tuesday latest.

          • Joe Blow

            Truth hurts.

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            10-7. Yes it does.

          • Joe Blow

            I’m sure it does. 1/2 in 1954

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            Come on, Joe, you can do better than that. SC has nothing on UCLA this year, and that’s the hardest truth. Isn’t it?

          • Joe Blow

            IF ucla can FINISH in the Top10, I’ll never come back here again.

  • Jacob Ramirez

    Mind boggling! We should be ranked ahead of those teams with one loss! That’s a big part of what is wrong with this world!

    • jameskatt

      I’m OK with the rankings. It is early in the season. The only ranking that counts is at the end.

      • Pyperkub

        Louisville shouldn’t be ranked so high, nor should what looks like an average South Carolina squad. The SEC east is pretty overrated this year, and the only thing Louisville has going for it is the win over Florida last year and the win over Kentucky this year.

  • 92104bruinfan

    Great win yesterday for so many obvious reasons.New Mexico State is truly the only free spot left on the schedule this season. Hopefully the Bruins can give the Aggies the biz early and empty the bench in the second half. I don’t see a letdown at Utah especially with another bye week following NMSU/ This should allow the team to rest and get some early work in prior to the short week leading into the Thursday night tilt against the Utes. Go Bruins!

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    The difference between this season’s high ranking from ’07 is that we are deeper, faster, better coached, with an elite QB. One game at a time, but the chances of a BCS bid haven’t been this solid since ’98.