• Bruin 34

    Jack. I know we have a very young team. That being said. I think we have a great shot to be 5-0 heading into the Stanford game. How good can this team be this year? And the future could be scary good for UCLA couldn’t it?

    • Mark

      These are useless questions. You already know the answers.

      • maze949

        You’re a useless “human being”.

    • bruins_united

      let’s not look too far ahead. there are two VERY critical and potentially “trap” games coming up against utah and cal. both aren’t to be taken lightly.

      • Hogsman

        Ditto – UCLA hasn’t played well in the state of Utah, and Cal flat-out embarrassed them last year.

  • Go Bruins 2002

    Are we trying to fill a full 25 man recruiting class this year (football), or are we nearing the overall scholarship limit and as such signing a smaller class (like Stanford last year)?

  • 92104bruinfan

    It is only two games into the season but based on your observations from Camp San Berdu to now, who has been the biggest surprise on the field thus far? Safe to presume this upcoming NMSU game was made as a kind gesture to former UCLA DC DeWayne Walker when he was head coach for the Aggies? Thanks for your thoughts and solid work on the Bruin beat this season.

  • Brian

    Hs there been any talk about Hundley leaving after this year for the NFL draft?

    • Brandon Harrison

      I think a few people are projecting him to go in the first round of this year’s draft. I think if we post a 10+ win season, he definitely should go.

      • Brandon Harrison

        *not Jack

  • jungleland

    Did Priest Willis play v. Nebraska? If not, are we going to see him this year or is he going to redshirt?

    • bruins_united

      i spotted him on special teams towards the end.

  • jungleland

    Any fallout from Tahaan Goodman’s tweet about not being good enough to play vs. Nebraska

  • jungleland

    Your best guess whether Su’a-Filo comes back for his senior year?

  • U Got Bruined

    What are some of the reactions you are hearing from other media members about UCLA

    • Jack Wang

      Not completely sure what you’re asking, but I think most agree that the team looks good so far.

  • Scott

    Why does Jerry Neuheisel wear #39 on the sidelines then switch to #11 when he comes in at quarterback (he did this in the Nevada game)?

    • bruins_united

      he wears #39 for special teams because sometimes barr (also #11) plays special teams.

  • john

    did Alford purposefully miss out on point guards so that he would be “forced” to play his son? And has the fact that he has a PG son driven PG recruits away?

  • LTEfan

    What do you anticipate the end result being with Jackie Robinson Stadium? Even if the court decision stands, could UCLA work out a new deal with the VA, since UCLA is only using a small portion of the total land at issue.

  • MurrietaBruin

    What is the status on the return of Damien Thigpen?

  • Harold Martinez

    After these two games, have you evaluated your season projections? If yes, Are we playing at the Rose Bowl on January 6th?

  • amontem

    I noticed that we will be taking our second bye week after the New Mexico State game. After that will be 9 straight weeks of football. Why are we using both byes so early, and could that have an impact later in the season?