Jim Mora responds to Shaq Evans’ comments on USC

Once in a while, Jim Mora’s one-week-at-a-time philosophy shows its cracks.

In an interview with ESPN 710 on Wednesday, receiver Shaq Evans was asked how it felt to be a part of UCLA’s rise after watching USC dominate while growing up in Inglewood. “I’m loving it,” he said.

“Beating them last year, and knowing we’re going to beat them again this year,” he soon added. “Especially two years ago, when they beat us 50-0, we owe them a little bit. … This year, we’re going to try to embarrass them, honestly.

“It’s so much fun, just seeing them struggling. Like how we used to struggle, now they’re struggling. It’s awesome to see that. I hate them.”

Mora said he did not hear about the comments.

“We’re worried about New Mexico State University right now,” Mora said. “I don’t follow some of that stuff. I didn’t see that. I’m worried about New Mexico State University.”

— The first 30,000 fans at the Rose Bowl this Saturday will receive a blue towel with Nick Pasquale’s No. 36. Following a moment of silence before UCLA’s first home game since the receiver’s death, the team will cheer loudly to celebrate his memory. Mora asked fans to do the same, waving around those towels.

“I know they’ll be very respectful during that moment of silence,” Mora said. “And then, I think we just need to let it all out. Show them how much we care. That’s what we’re going to try and do as a team, and I know our fans will follow suit.”

No. 36 T-shirts will be on sale at the Rose Bowl Saturday, and in the student store and online after that.

— Mora called New Mexico State true freshman King Davis III an elusive quarterback, but hasn’t seen enough tape to compare him to Nevada’s Cody Fajardo or Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez.

“Anytime you’re playing a guy that has that skill set, whether he’s showing it or not — we know he has it,” Mora said. “We have to be disciplined in our pass rush. We have to do an excellent job in the run game.”

— If UCLA ever wanted to give the ball to a lineman on a fake punt, the task would likely fall to left guard Xavier Su’a-Filo.

“Let’s give it to X,” Mora said. “He’s got the feet. He’s got some good feet, so he might be able to dance through the trash and get us a couple of yards.”

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  • Bruin 34

    Ha Ha gotta love Mora! X dance through the trash? Too funny. Good for you Shaq! I hate Suc as well! Hope Kiffin wins enough to keep his job for years to come! He’s the best coach Suc has ever had! 😉

    • Joe Blow

      Enjoy Fred Goldman Day Saturday

      • what does that mean?

        • Joe Blow

          You’re such a smart guy, you figure it out.

          • typical gutless trOXan!
            you could learn from Shaq Evans, he’s man enough to say what he means!
            you are afraid to say what you mean, even ANONYMOUSLY!! that’s pretty spineless! go back to the wolfman’s blog!

          • Joe Blow

            Like I care what you think.

          • Jigar Vora

            Calling someone gutless and spineless…must be nice to hide behind a keyboard and talk trash.

        • ProbationU

          Blow is just an angry old Trojan celebrating another accomplishment of a Trojan Heisman trophy winner.

    • Jigar Vora

      If Kiffin manages to keep his job for years to come, it would mean USC is in good shape. Sports 101 for you: If a coach sticks around for “years,” the program is successful. It’s ok if you don’t understand it..it’s above your education level anyway.

  • Bruin 34

    Enjoy Chuckie Keaton and Utah St. 😉

  • Mark

    I love how Mora refuses to be baited. He’s the most uniformed, simple minded guy in LA (if you believe his press conferences)

    • maze949

      If you meant “uninformed” and simple-minded, that would be you, little troll.

      • Kam Bing Oei

        After seeing what this troll said during the live game chat over the weekend, InsideUCLA should put a disclaimer on him. “The views and opinions of Mark the troll do not represent UCLA, staff, students, fans, and/or any/all contributors to this site.”

    • Hogsman

      I think Mark meant that as a compliment, that Mora is savvy enough not be baited by the media into making careless remarks. At least, that’s how I read it.

      • Joe Blow

        After getting fired for off the cuff remarks, I don’t blame him.

        • Hogsman

          Sorry to hear that. What was it you said that got you canned?

          • Joe Blow

            Ask the Atlanta Falcons.

          • Hogsman

            Well, don’t beat yourself up too much – everyone makes mistakes. Quite frankly, from reading some of the things you’ve said on this blog, I can see how they might’ve gotten you in trouble. Oh, well – live and learn.

  • Sam C

    Man wish the boys would just shut up and play. It’s ok to be confident , but to give another team bulletin board material isn’t smart. Beat Oregon and Stanford and win a bowl game before opening your mouth

  • Tman

    Have to learn that we can’t concern ourselves with the team across town. Haven’t done anything yet and need to focus on next opponent. When the time comes, do your talking on the field and enjoy the afterglow.

  • Abraham

    “This year, we’re going to try to embarrass them, honestly.”

    Stay classy bro. USC may have crushed UCLA in the past but never out of a desire to embarrass anyone, just good football. Can’t really tell our players to not play football. That being said, if you look farther back than 2 years ago it is clear that USC got ahead and was trying to just finish and not run up the board.

    • EncinitasBruin

      That’s patently false: Carroll constantly ran up scores on his opponenets during the years when USC was relevant. Throwing into the fourth quarter up by 30, etc. Please. How about Barkley taking a “fake knee” as a freshman and chucking a last minute TD bomb while his team was up by two scores? That was pure immature Pete Carroll trying to “stick it” to an equally immature Rick Neuheisel. Hey, I don’t like Shaq’s comment either, but please–don’t deify USC as a program that hasn’t tried to embarrass their opponents…

      • Abraham

        Ahh, the time out touchdown. So it was impossible for UCLA to recover the deficit in points with the time remaining. We took a knee, and would have to just run out the clock (please see my comment above). Rick took a timeout since it would force us to punt the ball back to him. The whole “We play to the end no matter what.” I and many USC fans had the same attitude: if you want to take a time out to get the ball back because you want to play football then we will play too.

        • EncinitasBruin

          Off the top of my head, how about in ’08 when Carroll had your QB throw a TD pass up 45-7 vs. Virginia with two minutes left in the game? Yeah, real classy. Or Kiffin pouring it on in the 50-0 rout two years ago. And how about last year against Colo, with USC up 40-6, Kiff has Wittek chuckin the rock for a score, and then sends in the kicker in the waning moments to make it 50-6. No, SC never runs up the score (chortle). And yeah, the “fake knee” bomb was classic immature Carroll.

          • Jonathan Taylor

            Man… you took all the stats for me to respond, but I think he got the picture!

          • Jigar Vora

            Waaaa..so much whining.

          • EncinitasBruin

            I think you meant, “Ahh, so much winning.”

  • V2

    I have no clue how UCLA fans find a way to confuse the facts.
    Born and raised in L.A. Recruited by both teams…I’ll save the board my story and stick to the facts.
    USC46 wins to UCLA 29. It’s not even close.
    USC 11 national Championships to UCLAs 1.
    USC is 9th on most all time winningest calculations WITH the NCAA’s reductions.
    UCLA….well UCLA should stop worrying about USC and get past Fresno St. in terms of winning %. Yes, your behind Fresno St. In fact your behind Washington, Colorado and Arizona St. as well!!!
    Heck, on one list I pulled up your not even in the top 65 winningest programs. What in lords’ name are doing so worried about USC all the time when the facts and history is in black and white.
    Your not USC, and have shown no ability to come close to doing what USC does. It’d be like SC fans talking smack to you about basketball. It’s the worst confirmation bias I’ve ever seen. I see it all the time with UCLA when it comes to football. It’s hilarious how insecure you guys are.
    Fact. Your winning % is 591! your barely above 500. Like what is any UCLA fan or player doing opening their mouth until they separate far from that 500% measuring stick.
    I mean…the great UCLA Shaq Evans must know the simple math. Even his hatred toward SC must be able to figure out that they barely beat a USC team who had 15 less scholarship players then them. That seems to be one aspect UCLA doesn’t like to talk about. We are running at 80% and you lost to us 50-0(YOU lost to us 50-0 with 15 less players on scholarship…do you get that) and then beat us 28-38 at your home? That is all you can do to a team who fields a squad with 15 less qualified players?
    Really. I randomly came here, and I now know what SC fans talk about when they scratch their head with the grandiose images UCLA has of themselves.
    You’ve done nothing, ever but win 1 championship in 94 years! Those are the Facts…I know you guys don’t like to hear the facts. You live in a make believe world where UCLA is = to SC in spite of none of that being true to anyone but a baby bear in powder blue who thinks the 8 clap is cool. It is more like an STD if you ask me.

    • Thomas

      Obsessing much about UCLA these days? You spent way too much time writing this – how much time did you spend writing it? Looks like you did a lot of research… I stopped reading after line 9, where you made blatant grammatical error.

    • 92104bruinfan

      Take a deep breath there V2. Breathe through your eyelids and exhale. Ahhh. Now don’t you feel better? I’ll excuse the numerous typos and rather over-indulgence of your use of the term “fact” in your breathless diatribe here. Following Bruins or Trojans football is supposed to be a fun diversion from real life for most of us here. Yes we pull for the Bruins and yes, we will take good-natured jabs at USC. Might some UCLA fans overstate the Bruins’ accomplishments? Sure but that happens everywhere V2. I have joined Trojan friends and fam (sigh) at plenty of SC tailgates and parties where I’ve heard enough Trojan tomfoolery to roll my eyes several times over. However, that type of puffery would be found at every tailgate in America. Relax, enjoy the great sport that is college football, and do away with the flamethrower. Go Bruins!

      • EncinitasBruin

        As usual, excellent comment 92104. Great rivalry (I hope, once again). I laugh at how both sides of this rivarly use stats to pretty things up. For example, yes, USC leads the series 49-26 overall, but since 1980 (before the internet!), the series is close: USC 18-15-1. That is NOT domination by either program. Obviously SC has had greater success hostorically as a football program, even the most die-hard UCLA homer (like me) can see that. But this is 2013. In the present tense, UCLA is on top in terms of level of play, wins last year and this year, Victory Bell, recruiting, coach, and QB.

    • Hogsman

      Regarding the scholarship reductions, they didn’t take effect until after the 2011 USC-UCLA game. USC had signed a full class in 2011; in fact, because USC signed early enrollees that season, they ended up adding 31 scholarships instead of the regular limit of 25. So USC actually had 6 more players instead of 15 fewer. Those are the facts.

      BTW, when you use the contraction for “you are”, it’s spelled “you’re”, not “your”. Did you actually attend class, or did they not teach that at Southern Cal?

    • EncinitasBruin

      Most of your facts are true. Here are some more facts you failed to mention: Last year SC opened #1 in the rankings, and was the first program in 48 years to finish unranked (fact). USC was also the first team in the history of FBS to lose a bowl game to a team with a losing record (fact). Since 1980, the series is very close (18-15-1). Fact: USC has not won a (non-vacated) national championship in a decade. Fact: USC has not played in a BCS game in 5 years. Fact: UCLA outplayed, outcoached, and beat USC last year, as a redshirt freshman QB outplayed his Heisman-candidate counterpart. Fact: all three major recruiting orgs ranked UCLA’s class higher than USC last year. Fact: Kiffin has embarrassed the university on numerous occasions. Off the top of my head: lying to players about his #1 AP vote; switching jerseys at half time; temper tantrums in press conferences; falsely accusing reporters of breaking injury report rules. Fact: UCLA is two-time defending Pac-12 South Division champion. Fact: USC has a worse record last year and this year.

      USC owns the past with 11 NCs. That’s a fact. But right here, right now, UCLA owns USC, and owns L.A. That’s a fact–until USC beats UCLA, USC fans should remain quiet with nothing in the present to brag about.

    • bruwins5931

      While you do post a lot of facts V2, let me try to provide another perspective for some of these numbers. First off, I am not arguing with you about USC’s history. They have obviously done a lot in football. But you compare both universities with all factors being equal. Remember, USC started playing football in 1888, while UCLA started in 1919. That is an extra 31 years USC had of building their program before UCLA even got started. So while USC leads in football, it should be expected, considering the extra years that they had. And like other posters have said, once you look at the more recent history, the series is pretty close.

      And in regards to the other universities you listed, wouldn’t head-to-head games be a better indication for the better team, rather than winning %, which can be diluted with easier competition? If that is the case, then UCLA has the advantage over Washington (38-30-2), Colorado (6-2), Fresno State (6-2) and ASU (18-10-1).

      And while reminiscing about the past is nice, I believe many UCLA fans are excited about our future. We have the coaching staff and players that are capable of building something special, and hopefully we field a competitive team for years to come.

  • EncinitasBruin

    King Davis III (the freshman QB for NMSU who will start tomorrow night) looks a bit like a “little Hundley.” Fast, quick, accurate arm, dual threat. Plus, in limited action thus far, his stats are decent: 60% completions, 210 yads passing, 9.3 YPA, long of 72 yds, 1 TD, O ints, 151 rating, plus 6.6 ypc rushing…

  • bruingold2013

    This is getting to be ridiculous. Who cares I say. He spoke his mind. Bulletin board has to be the most overrated thing. So the other team is going to try harder? And they wouldn’t have tried as hard if Shaq didn’t say those things.

    • CFB

      Actually you’re wrong. Guy’s get motivated indeed. Practice harder, focus more, watch extra film, do all the little things just a bit better that week. I would have put my money on ucla to win that game, but not now….bad move by shaq.

  • barry1817

    as of this moment, what UCLA has done is win 2 games, and have shown that they are a little slow getting out of the gate.

    in the past UCLA players used to moan about being ranked too low in pre-season and then played to what they were ranked proving that they weren’t that good.

    Nothing on the bulletin boards, or polls means anything except what is done on the field, and last I looked they still have 3 very dangerous road games to play.