Myles Jack, Anthony Barr crush New Mexico St. quarterbacks

I have no idea how Myles Jack ended Saturday’s game with just one credited tackle, but New Mexico State’s quarterbacks sure felt his presence during their 59-13 loss to UCLA. The freshman linebacker obliterated King Davis III on a third-and-5 in the second quarter, shortly before the latter’s pass turned into an interception for Ishmael Adams.

Less than 10 seconds later, Jack knocked Davis down again.

“I hit the quarterback, he threw the pick,” he said. “I was waiting to see if Ishmael would break through, and he broke through. I turned around, and the quarterback was there again, so I got another hit on him to block him.”

His favorite play of the day, however, was when senior linebacker Anthony Barr knocked Davis out of the game early in the third quarter. Barr was called for a late-hit personal foul, but the play looked clean on the replay.

“I came around the edge free, and he came and hit him,” Jack said. “I had to jump out of the way. That was the most crazy play I’ve ever seen in my life. … That was the biggest hit I’ve ever seen in my life.”

On the very next snap after Davis was walked off the field, Jack did his own damage on quarterback Andrew McDonald.

(h/t puntingiswinning for the second video)

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  • inhonorofpooh

    After legally hitting the QB the second time in the same play, Jack immediately looks for, finds, and blocks another Aggie, OL. Love that kinda thinking – do all you can for your teammate to find the endzone, til the whistle. Very nice. Jack is a definite future Sunday warrior.

    • 92104bruinfan

      Already an absolute housewrecker…and he’s just a true freshman. Go Bruins!