Freshman OL Christian Morris to transfer out

Four-star offensive tackle Christian Morris announced his decision to transfer this afternoon. Rated No. 10 at his position by, Morris arrived at UCLA this summer noticeably out of shape. Even after a likely redshirt season, the 6-foot-6 freshman would have faced an uphill battle to earn playing time.

Morris is a Memphis native who picked UCLA over Ole Miss on Signing Day as the third-best recruit in Tennessee.

He told that he felt homesick and wants to be closer to his ill grandmother; he has talked to the Rebels’ compliance department about his options and will apply for a hardship waiver to retain this season of eligibility.

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  • EncinitasBruin

    All the best to young Mr. Morris. Hope everything works out for you at Ole Miss.

  • Mark

    Even for Twitter that message is unintelligible. He has no place at Ucla. Back to fried chicken country!

    • txsaint

      You do realize that some of us eat tofu and recycle, right? And pull for UCLA?

      • Mark

        What does your comment have to do with my comment?

        • txsaint

          Land of fried chicken?

          • txsaint

            But either you wised up and deleted your borderline racist comment or the editors did it for you.

          • Mark

            my point is he’s going back home, where fried chicken is enjoyed in copious amounts. What does tofu and relying have to do with that?

            BTW, I didn’t delete the post

  • Bruin 34

    Good luck buddy. Our talent now allows us to withstand these transfers.

  • Mark

    Even for Twitter this message in unintellible. How did he make it past the admissions people in the first place?

    • Hey SUC’s

      Mark old man, “this message in unintellible,” ????? That phrase could use some editing. But I understood Mr. Morris’s message and that Mark, is what counts. Best of Luck at Old Miss., Chester.

      • Mark

        Got me there!

  • Ameer

    I was literally thinking last night that at least one of these OL was going to transfer, just didn’t know who it would be.

    • LTEfan

      Agree. When I looked at the list of incoming recruits and saw the number of OL, it was apparent there would be one or more transfers.

  • Mark

    I apologize for my previous comment about fried chicke. I’ve offended the young man and his home state.

    He’s from Memphis – I should have said he going back to an endless bounty of BBQ.

  • bruinbiochem06


  • OCBrewin

    @CoachBrianKelly this is how a great university handles a kid who decides to transfer. Whrite that Down #ND #EV4 #UCLA Good luck Morris!

  • joe bruin

    need to man up and grow a pair. if you cant compete then go to a lower division then