Weekly Q&A — 9/23/13 Answers

Q: Can you give us a list of the true freshmen that have played and those who have not and will presumably redshirt?

These freshmen have all played: WR Darren Andrews, OL Caleb Benenoch, S Jayon Brown, DL Kenny Clark, P Sean Covington, WR Thomas Duarte, DE Kylie Fitts, S Tahaan Goodman, LB Deon Hollins, LB Myles Jack, LB Cameron Judge, WR Jalen Ortiz, OL Alex Redmond, LB Isaako Savaiinaea, DE Eddie Vanderdoes, CB Priest Willis.

Asiantii Woulard will redshirt barring significant injury to quarterback Brett Hundley. Running back Craig Lee looked headed for a redshirt in fall camp, and UCLA has more than enough bodies in its backfield rotation. Unless a player higher up in the depth chart gets nicked, the freshmen who haven’t already burned their redshirts probably won’t do so.

Q: How does Massington look in practice? Do you think he will play this year or redshirt? If the latter, is it health related or simply because we are stacked at WR this year?

The Los Angeles Daily News, Los Angeles Times and OC Register stopped watching practice once the team started game prep and restricted reporting policies. Looking back to camp, Massington mostly looked a step slow while rehabbing his torn ACL, but started coming around a bit toward the end. He’s still wearing a brace on his left knee. Given the glut of targets available to Brett Hundley already, I don’t expect Massington to burn his redshirt.

Q: The last time we played on Thurs on ESPN it was a nightmare … Any chance we repeat our lackluster c.2007 performance in Salt Lake City?

There’s a chance, but I doubt it. That was a nine-win Utah team that went undefeated the following season, vs. a UCLA team that was overrated at No. 11 nationally and finished 6-7. The Utes have been mediocre since entering the Pac-12, and it’s hard to see Jim Mora and his staff allowing the Bruins to lose focus with over a week left to prepare.

Q: Aside from replacing the playing surfaces at Spaulding, what is UCLA doing short-term and long-term to upgrade the on-campus football facilities?

UCLA officially announced its plans today, but the project is still in its fundraising stages.

Q: Will Mossi Johnson still be attending this coming January? Is he doing his rehab at UCLA?

He is not enrolled at UCLA, and he is not doing his rehab here. He still intends to arrive in winter.

Q: What is the status of Aaron Porter?

He’s been back from his concussion and is practicing in full — just buried on the depth chart behind a very good group of linebackers.

Q: The kids seem to love playing for Mora. What has been the biggest difference in the turnaround at UCLA? What do you think our chances are at Stanford and at Oregon?

Generally speaking, just a culture overhaul from the Rick Neuheisel era. Guys are better coached and have higher aspirations for the program. I still don’t think the team’s chances at Stanford and Oregon are great this season. Both have sustained success and are now perennial BCS bowl contenders. UCLA just isn’t there yet.

Q: The Bruins are off to a good start this season. What impact has this had in the recruiting trail thus far? What recruits are strongly considering us that weren’t previously? Which elite recruits do we have a shot at landing if we keep it up?

Winning obviously helps with recruiting, and UCLA will likely pick up more steam as the season rolls on. The big, big name that’s back in play now is five-star running back Joe Mixon.

Q: Will Isaac Hamilton from UTEP likely play this year?

Unlikely. Don’t think the sick grandmother case will fly well with the NLI committee if his brother Daniel remains committed to UConn.

Q: What is your and the rest of the local media’s feeling with respect to the blog BruinsNation?

There are some mixed feelings, which I share. I think there’s good stuff on there, but they can also be boisterous.

Q: Why has the number of Inside UCLA blog posts dropped so dramatically over the past year or so?

I don’t like writing three-sentence posts. Also, since the redesign of our website, notebook items are no longer posted identically here, which was the case before given how difficult it was to navigate www.dailynews.com. But you’re right, I can and should post more often.

  • EncinitasBruin

    “Boisterous.” What a classy resonse in describing BruinsNation. Adjectives Jack can’t use as a professional, be we can, would be “pompous, scary, and immature.”

    • NicktheBruin

      And they’ve done such a good job suppressing all dissenting opinions that they’re actually convinced that all Bruins agree with them.

      • EncinitasBruin

        That’s insightful, and true. How in the heck did such a potentially great source of Bruin news get overthrown by such a despicable junta?

    • Mickey Squires

      and fascist-like too…:)

  • Bruin Brian

    “I don’t like writing three-sentence posts” sounds like a direct shot across the bow of Scott Wolfe over at Inside USC. Score one for Wang!

  • http://amillennialist.blogspot.com Santiago Matamoros

    As someone who really liked Gold and Miguel, I appreciate the effort here, Jack.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Harold Martinez

    I suspect Jack is not a big UCLA Fan, unlike Miguel and Gold.