Details from John Savage’s max $1.125 million extension

After winning UCLA baseball’s first-ever national championship, head coach John Savage was rewarded with a contract extension that pays him up to $1.025 million annually, plus a $100,000 signing bonus. His previous contract maxed out at $501,000.

The UC regents officially approved the contract on Sept. 18. USC reportedly offered Savage over $1 million after he won the College World Series in June.

The terms make Savage, who also won multiple national coach of the year honors this summer, among the highest-paid college baseball coaches in the country. LSU’s Paul Mainieri earns $750,000 in annual guaranteed salary.

The particulars from Savage’s contract, which runs through 2025:

— Savage now earns $300,000 each year in base pay, plus an additional $300,000 talent fee. His previous contract, which ran through 2017, paid him $270,000 annually, with no talent fee.

— Performance bonuses can add up to another $110,000: Pac-12 regular season championship ($5,000); NCAA Regional champion ($10,000); NCAA Super Regional champion ($15,000); College World Series berth ($30,000); national championship ($50,000).

If any postseasons are vacated due to NCAA violations he “directly involved” in or “facilitated, condoned or knowingly ignored,” Savage must return the affected performance bonuses.

— A Pac-12 Coach of the Year earns Savage $10,000, while national Coach of the Year title adds another $30,000. The latter includes awards from one or more of the following: American Baseball Coaches’ Association, Baseball America, Collegiate Baseball, National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association,

— He can earn up to $200,000 annually for running camps and clinics.

— His annual retention bonus is $75,000, which vests in full on June 30 of each contract year.

— He receives a one-time signing bonus of $100,000, which he must return if he terminates his contract before June 30, 2014.

— If Savage terminates his contract and accepts another Division I coaching job within a year, he will owe UCLA up to a $675,000 buyout. That figure holds if he leaves between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015, decreasing by $75,000 each successive year until it reaches $0 in 2023.

He must pay an additional $250,000 buyout if he leaves for another Pac-12 team.

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  • Scott

    What’s a Talent Fee?

    • Jack Wang

      UC caps base salary at $300,000 to limit pensions, so the talent fee is how a coach gets more guaranteed money. Same thing in Jim Mora and Steve Alford’s contracts.

    • Joe Blow

      A way to “cheat” the state and tax payers

      • Scott

        Give it a rest. Did you lose your coloring book?

        • Joe Blow

          No, your wife had to go to work.

          • Scott


      • maze949

        SUC knows ALL about cheating…and losing.

        • Joe Blow

          Learned it all from Filty Woodie and his hooker Nellie Belle.

  • Sam C

    Good for both bruins and coach savage, hope we have to pay him every cent.

    • SrPablo

      Good for Coach Savage–he has done a great job–BUT if that’s the going rate for baseball, what is Jim Mora worth? He should at least be among the best paid coaches in the conference and he hasn’t even reached that threshold.

  • this latest PR win for UCLA can’t help but remind one of how desperate/clumsy the attempt to hire Savage by Southern Cal really was! that they would even think for a second Savage would back stab Dapper Dan Guererro and UCLA mintues after dominating the CWS was almost painful to watch!
    now with the recent public begging to the NCAA and the humiliatingly immediate public smackdown they received, one must ask, will Haden resign? how many crotch kicks can the trOXans take??
    their three major sports are in steady meltdown with football now poised to join baseball and basketball in the Pac 12 cellar. i move the Pac 12 consider removing Southern Cal from the Pac 12 and replacing with BYU or Boise St.