Norman Powell says UCLA ‘closer’ this year

Junior guard Norman Powell said this year’s UCLA squad feels closer than it did last season.

“We’re doing more team-building activities, which means a lot more time together,” said Powell, who thought about transferring out until Ben Howland was fired. “Everybody’s helping one another. The freshmen don’t feel left out. … We’re closer as a family.”

But what team-building activities? “Pass the orange” was one.

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  • barry1817

    might be because the problem with the team has been removed, Got rid of Ben and the team is better.

  • chriskim

    Rooting for coach Alford and the team. Some exciting guards on this team. Would love to see a 4 guard 1 forward lineup at times like how Villanova used to do it.

  • OCBrewin

    True, Ben couldn’t get kids to bring it night in and night out. Ben couldn’t find players for the team that were willing to put the team first…Ben couldn’t get the team to do the dirty work, the stuff fans never see, WORK. Ben got stale, kids refused to buy in.

    I hope this 2013 UCLA team balls out like Ben’s UCLA teams did his first few years.

  • Moises Rosiles

    silly me, i thought the headline meant closer to becoming a winning program again! Sheesh

  • Randy Lehmer

    I agree that Ben seemed to lose his way. I am grateful for the 3 Final Fours, and the most exciting time in UCLA basketball since ’95. Best wishes, Ben.
    As for Alford, let’s see if the off the court closeness translates into team play. I like the core returning group. Zach LaVine will have to come in and play at a high level for this team to have a shot in March.