UCLA jumps to No. 11 in Associated Press poll

Grinding out a 34-27 win at Utah displayed high-powered UCLA in an entirely different light — its offense converting just 36 percent of third downs, its defense grabbing a remarkable six interceptions.

It wasn’t pretty, but the victory in Salt Lake City moved the Bruins up a spot to No. 11 in the latest Associated Press poll.

The rest of the conference didn’t see too much movement, with No. 2 Oregon and No. 5 Stanford both staying put. Washington dropped a spot to 16th after losing to the Cardinal by three, while Arizona State dropped out completely from No. 22. The Sun Devils made a number of bone-headed decisions in a 37-34 loss to Notre Dame, such as allowing a punt to roll to the 1-yard line.

The complete AP poll after the jump:

1. Alabama (55), 5-0
2. Oregon (5), 5-0
3. Clemson, 5-0
4. Ohio State, 6-0
5. Stanford, 5-0
6. Florida State, 5-0
7. Georgia, 4-1
8. Louisville, 5-0
9. Texas A&M, 4-1
10. LSU, 5-1
11. UCLA, 4-0
12. Oklahoma, 5-0
13. Miami (FL), 5-0
14. South Carolina, 4-1
15. Baylor, 4-0
16. Washington, 4-1
17. Florida, 4-1
18. Michigan, 5-0
19. Northwestern, 4-1
20. Texas Tech, 5-0
21. Fresno State, 5-0
22. Oklahoma State, 4-1
23. Northern Illinois, 5-0
24. Virginia Tech, 5-1
25. Missouri, 5-0

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  • Bruin 34

    Georgia should not be at number 7 after barely beating Tennessee! Complete BS! Most of that is due to BSPN and their ESPSEC coverage and protecting their cash cow. Pac 12 is best all around conference top to bottom.


      i’d be really upset about this if polls weren’t meaningless, especially at this point in the season.

      • As long as this is a popularity contest, the polls matter, even this early.

        There are ten teams in front of UCLA, including three one-loss teams. Even if the Bruins go undefeated, we’ll probably end up with an Alabama-Ohio State championship.

        (And remember one-loss Alabama last year. They didn’t deserve to play for all the marbles. We could end up with Alabama-Georgia or Alabama-LSU.)

        We need a playoff.

  • The EDGE

    Here here Bruin 34. Good post!

    • Bigwoof1

      You mean Hear Hear, Edge! here here is trojangle spelling.

  • Bruin 34

    Thanks edge. I just try and keep it real. They are a great conference. No doubt! But that’s a story for another day lol.

  • The EDGE

    Thanks. Never too old learn. Not a trojangle!