Center Jake Brendel attributes low snaps to ‘shortcut’

Center Jake Brendel snapped several balls low throughout UCLA’s 34-27 win at Utah, a nagging issue that could have resulted in a game-costing play. Coaches said the use of a silent count as well as playing next to two freshmen made the game more difficult for the redshirt sophomore, but he didn’t use them as excuses.

“I was taking a little bit of a shortcut,” Brendel said. “The snap process, getting my right hand into the block a little too early. (Now, I’m) just making sure I’m taking the full stroke of the snap … instead of short-stroking it.”

He tried to fix the problem as the game went on, but said it took long to overcome the muscle memory.

  • Hank

    Yeah… well. That’s all good and fine, but this problem better be fixed for the next game – whatever it is. It was a HUGE issue against Utah. I would say there were more than “several” low snaps during that game. It seemed the majority were off target. If this continues, only option is to take away the shotgun. Not my preferred choice.


      brendel “taking steps to fix this problem….”

      hank “that’s good and fine but they better take steps to fix this problem…”

      • UCLAFan24

        IIWIICUB, you misquoted Hank.

    • OCBruin78

      Hey hank, there are several coaches on our team that know more about this game than you do!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure they were working on the problem as you were typing……..

      • UCLAFan24

        Not sure why Hank is taking a beating here. We’re all Bruins. His comment is/was completely fair. He didn’t make any personal attacks, only noted an observation, a possible result, and a stated opinion.

  • Scott

    Mora said after the game that Brendel was perhaps a bit overwhelmed with calling out the blocking coverages and making good snaps. If that was actually the problem, serious props to Brendel for taking the blame and not complaining.