• Bruin 34

    Jack. I’ve noticed since last year that our tackling and flying to the ball has been for the most part outstanding! Is the difference you think because of Mora’s and Alosi’s defensive background. Cause I’ve noticed they don’t do too much tacking in practice and for them to play the way they have is quite shocking! How has Myles Jack and his ability to cover Wr’s changed our defense?

  • EncinitasBruin

    Is Malcolm Jones injured or somehow on the “outs” with the coaching staff? Seems like we could have used him against Utah’s physical D.

    • Mark

      He sucks. Simple as that.

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        Right. Sucking for 5.25 ypc, scoring every fourth time he touches the ball…

      • William Miller

        Mark you are not only mean spirited but ignorant of the facts

  • Vinicius Carvalhosa

    What happened to Lacy Westbrook? He enrolled in january even after the aneurysm surgery, but is not listed on the roster

  • Jacob Ramirez

    Mr. Wang, which coach if any will be pried from CJM staff?

  • LTEfan

    Notwithstanding the six interceptions against Utah, I remain concerned about the pass defense and in particular the depth at CB. Is Marcus Rios going to be cleared to play this season? Did John Johnson have season-ending surgery?

  • LTEfan

    One more question:

    Are the all-white road uniforms going to be the norm? It’s okay but I prefer the gold pants.

  • 92104bruinfan

    Purely speculative and hypothetical question here…when Mora yelled at Jack to go down when he was on the way to the house to ice the game for a presumed final score of 41-27, did that cost the Bruins any votes with the writers and coaches? Btw, I think Mora & Jack made the right decision to get out of there with one final victory formation play. Unfortunately margin of victory tends to be part of the beauty contest that factors into national voting especially with the game ending well after most voters are in bed. Thanks for your thoughts and great work on the Bruin beat this year! Go Bruins!

  • Cliff Sakata

    Chances UCLA makes the Holiday Bowl?

  • Mark

    What are Bail & Hamiltion expected to contribute if eligible? Why not “save” them for next year since there are no recruits for 2014.

  • JL

    Have you heard if UCLA’s fast start helped them gain traction with some of their wish list targets in recruiting? Juju Smith? Adoree Jackson?

    • Mark

      Ucla should not be recruiting guys named Juju or Adoree.

  • WhatsBruin

    The Bruins SHOULD beat Cal…But your thoughts on whether or not the Bruins can really hang with Stanford and Oregon at this point? And how are Willis’ skills on the O-line?

  • Aero93

    Seems like UCLA will have played at least 50% of their games against teams that have been ranked in the top 25 at some point this year. Is that typical?

  • CrouchingBruin

    Who is it that organizes the UCLA sports page on the Daily News web site? Or maybe “disorganizes” is a better description. The lead story still about the win over New Mexico State. Under that is a recent post (amazingly), then below that are a couple of really old articles on Nebraska & NMS. The top story on the left sidbar is over a month old. I would think that whatever software is being used would be smart enough to display the most recent stories, first.

    • Jack Wang

      I’m as frustrated with this as you are. We’re having trouble on our section pages online, but hopefully that gets cleared up soon.

  • Pampee Santiago

    How many football scholarships are available for 2014?

    Since Mora plays a lot of Freshman, what Freshman are still eligible for redshirt this year