Linebacker Jordan Zumwalt itching to play Stanford

Back in 2010, linebacker Jordan Zumwalt decommitted from Stanford just before Signing Day, switching to UCLA and staying closer to home. The Huntington Beach native has yet to beat the Cardinal, losing four games by an average of 20.5 points.

Saturday’s 12:30 kickoff may be his last shot to Stanford — though the game no longer comes with a chance to spoil the Cardinal’s undefeated record.

“I’m actually bummed Utah beat them,” Zumwalt said. “I wanted that to be us.”

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  • Joe Blow

    Jordan was smart to switch from Stanford to ucla. First of all, he’d never have gotten on the field at Stanford and by his comments, he wouldn’t have stayed eligible due to his brain capacity.

    • Bruins2013

      wow. you must be so cool. you are literally commenting on almost every post on this website. how many cakes do I have to eat and how many puppies to I have to punch before I become as cool as you? man…I wish I could be half as cool as you…gosh..then I could pretend I go to SuC and play pokemon all day! did I mention that I think you’re super cool???

      • Joe Blow

        It’s obvious you’ll NEVER be a cool as I am. Your a bruin, I’m a Trojan. Case closed loser.