Anthony Jefferson recalls Kodi Whitfield’s 30-yard touchdown

Kodi Whitfield’s 30-yard touchdown yesterday didn’t just give Stanford a 10-3 lead in the third quarter. The one-handed grab in double coverage locked down the top spot on SportsCenter’s Top 10, and established a strong case as the catch of the year.

“It was a phenomenal catch,” Cardinal linebacker Trent Murphy said. “Once I saw it up in the air, I started jogging out for the PAT because I knew he was coming down with it. We trust those guys to make those plays.”

UCLA safety Anthony Jefferson saw the play differently. The junior saw the play about to unfold, and streaked across the field to try and stop it. He jumped toward Whitfield — who also had cornerback Ishmael Adams on his back left shoulder — but couldn’t get there to contest the score.

“I was the backset, the opposite-side safety,” Jefferson said. “I kind of saw where the quarterback was looking. I ran over there and I mis-timed my jump. He made a good catch. I give him all the credit. He made a good play.

“Those are the ones that we let slip away. I felt like I should’ve been able to make that play.”

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  • inhonorofpooh

    Good to hear this from AJ, but not much couldda been done on this play, guy just outbeasted ya.

    • Reformed Droog

      I was about 5 rows deep in the endzone seats and it looked like Jefferson went for the INT, not the block. Never did get to see a replay, but all the Bruins in my section thought the same thing. Was he really just late?

      • Jack Wang

        Looks like he jumped a little behind Whitfield thinking he would get the INT. Didn’t expect a one-handed snag.

        • Reformed Droog

          Thanks, Jack. Kinda what we thought.

      • bruinray97

        Came home from the game to watch the replay off of dvr. That catch was just ridiculous.

        • Reformed Droog

          No kidding. Best catch I’ve ever seen in person.