• Vinicius Carvalhosa

    can we expect a lot of playing time to the backcourt formation Powell/Adams/Anderson or Alford will really give big minutes to Bryce? Do you see Parker or David Wear starting at center?

  • Marc

    What was with the conservative play calling in the Stanford game? Young line; jeeze, that’s getting old. Hundley looked bad, except for the one scoring drive. How worried should we be as fans?

  • EncinitasBruin

    Let’s say UCLA wins the South again: If we were to play UofO a second time, and they beat us and went undefeated, advancing to the National Championship game, would we automatically be selected to play in the Rose Bowl as the P12 runner up? (I went on the BCS website to figure this out, but it’s written in Sanskrit.)

    • 92104bruinfan

      Good question…very plausible scenario.

    • Ted


  • Bruin 34

    Do you agree our defense was pretty spectacular last Saturday? Hundley has never had two bad games under 200 passing in back to back weeks. Do you expect him to rebound in a big way and for us to establish the run early against Oregon?

  • john

    Why are UCLA’s football cheers so weak? “Bruin Spell Outs” and “Go Bruins,” is that all we can come up with?

    • EncinitasBruin

      LOL. Agree, we need something with a bit more chutzpah.

  • HeySucs

    Is UCLA actively recruiting usc de-commit D.J. Calhoun?

  • Agateman

    Last week I asked if you knew of any silent commits and , if so, how many? Much thanks

    • Jack Wang

      I do not. Sorry.

  • LTEfan

    I assumed that Ishmael Adams, who seems to be playing well, is a redshirt freshman because he played sparingly in two games last season and then sat out with a shoulder injury. But UCLA lists him as a sophomore. Did he not qualify for a redshirt season?

    • Ted

      He played so no red shirt. Even one play…

  • 92104bruinfan

    Not that Hundley has suddenly forgotten to play the quarterback position, but his mechanics and decision making seem a bit out of whack the last couple of games. What gives?

  • 92104bruinfan

    During the Stanford game, there appeared to be several single blitzers that were routinely unaccounted for in the Bruin pass protection. Is this something that the BH is not picking up before the ball is snapped? Or is he calling it out but the O-line (or running back when it is not an empty backfield) is failing to get to the blitzer in time? Or just tip the cap to Stanford for a well-disguised blitz scheme?

  • Hank

    Has there been any further discussion around the low snaps and plans to fix? Seems whatever was previously discussed has not worked and this appeared to be a big problem against Stanford. Thx.

  • dtbruin

    With Kendrick’s hurt, will Aaron Porter get a chance to see any playing time against Oregon? Is Priest Willis and Tahaan Goodman redshirting?

    • Ted

      Willis and Goodman played this year. They cant redshirt…besides both plays regularly on special teams and sub in on handful of plays everygame