VIDEO: Jim Mora talks UCLA’s offensive line

— UCLA coach Jim Mora played it coy Thursday when asked about his starting offensive line, hinting that left tackle Simon Goines (MCL) could still be available at Oregon on Saturday. The sophomore did not practice Thurday, nor did senior Y-receiver Darius Bell.

— Though Mora didn’t talk about the likelihood of starting three true freshmen on his line, he said that the position was “without a doubt” the most difficult for a first-year player. A less-than-stellar offensive line is difficult to hide schematically, and freshmen must also account for defenses that can shift right before a snap.

“So many things happen so quickly,” Mora said. “You’ve got big guys right across from you breathing down on you that are trying to get to your quarterback, or disrupt your play.”

— Mora also talked about the value of offensive line coach Adrian Klemm, who became a fierce college recruiter not long after six-year NFL career with the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers. The line was arguably the team’s biggest problem area when Mora’s staff arrived, and Klemm’s ability to work with the young linemen has been instrumental in its rebuild.

“He’ll get into them on the practice field,” Mora said. “But a half hour later, they’re all up there sitting there, eating lunch in his office. He’s got a unique relationship with these guys. …

“He’s been an offensive lineman at the highest level. He’s won three Super Bowl rings. So he really understands the position, not only from a technical standpoint, but from the psyche of an offensive lineman. He’s able to convey that to those guys.”

— Running back Jordon James (ankle) is again doubtful for Saturday, but a return could be looming for the Colorado game on Nov. 2.

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  • Bruin 34

    I have faith in our defense and coaching staff. I love the quiet calm before the storm feel this week. Hundley and the Bruins are going to rebound! Can’t wait for us to make a statement at Eugene. Go Bruins!!!

  • LTEfan

    A loss would not ruin the season, so let’s not get too down if that happens as expected. Beat CU and win at UofA, and then take a 7-2 record into the crucial finishing stretch of UW, ASU, at USC. The prize is to win the south division and get back to the Pac-12 title game, with a rematch against Oregon or Stanford. The young offensive line would be more settled and cohesive at that point, improving the chances of winning and going to the Rose Bowl. But UCLA will likely have to run the table by winning the last 5 regular season games to get to that position, because ASU has an easier schedule. A tall order, yes, but not beyond reach if UCLA plays well after (presumably) losing in Eugene.

    • 92104bruinfan

      Good reasonable take and I’d even take it a step further with the crucial stretch starting at AZ. It will be good to get CO after the Oregon game to get back on our feet before the 4 game stretch. I think those 4 games will indicate whether the Bruins have risen above the middle of the Pac to a place just below Oregon and Stanford. Given this year’s schedule and the multitude of true freshmen playing this year, that would not be a bad place to be. Go Bruins!

  • Bruin 34

    Great to see some fellow Bruins that are positive and keeping the faith. Won’t be easy but we have the talent and potential. I had a dream the other night that we won. Is that a premonition? Who knows? I hope so. I posted on Bruins Nation about how their comments and takes are a joke to a real football fan and any player who had played and has common sense. They removed me for ripping their biased and negative agenda. Lol. Too funny. I’m picking us to win. Hope its true! Go Bruins!

  • Donald Romero

    I have been very critical of Bruins discipline and execution of plain old solid football. I hope they are “focused” for this game and be able handle adversity that Ducks may bring. The Bruins may not win, but please show some MOXY.