• HeySucs

    Mora needs to re-evaluate UCLA’s offensive tactics. The team offense is worse the SUC’s. We have many weapons but zero execution. BH is ineffective: he won’t run, can’t complete an accurate pass, takes the sack instead of unloading out of bounds. Lastly, Mazzone is a mystery and no help to his offense. I hope Mora got some ideas. Finishing behind SUC would be drag on the program.


      We miss you trolling the USC site! Great game today! The bRuins really came thru and showed great heart and determination in the second half… Let’s hear it for that big fat 0 in the 2nd half! LOL even USC’s depleted, walk-on filled offense scored more!

      • Joe Blow

        Hear, hear!

    • Joe Blow

      Mazzone needs to shave. He’s too old to look like Pizza Man, who doesn’t deliver.

  • max

    Mazzone needs to be far more creative and willing to take calculated risks to win games against great teams. His play-calling over the last 2 weeks leaves much to be desired.

    • William Miller

      we have run one creative play and it was a TD, we have 2 x QBs at receiver who can throw use them

  • facescar

    Everything on the team needs to improve, but those who are purely criticizing Mazzone are missing the point.

    Could there be better play-calling at times? Absolutely. But then again, for the most part our 3rd-down-conversion percentage is off the charts.

    The team just isn’t executing. The offensive line isn’t turning in full games. Hundley is making bad throws down the field, which allows the defense to key in on the run and short passing game without fear of a big-play threat downfield.

    This team is getting in the general area of great, but we’re not even close to being there yet. I trust Mora and the staff to use this to get closer.

    • facescar

      And before people start saying that these tie back into the play calling, that’s not entirely true either.

      Mazzone was able to establish the run game yesterday against a great defense. He wasn’t able to consistently sustain drives last night, but that goal line pick stopped the best drive UCLA had all day.

      Hundley’s first interception against Stanford was a downfield bomb. If he’d thrown it farther outside, it might have been completed. It drifted inside and the safety made a play.

      Hundley’s goal line interception against Oregon was telegraphed to high heaven.

      I’m not saying it’s Hundley’s fault either, just making some points.

  • LTEfan