Weekly Q&A — 10/29/13

Same drill as usual. Leave your questions, and answers will be on the blog tomorrow. Thanks.

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  • Vinicius Carvalhosa

    Do you think Myles Jack and Alex Redmond would be in a midseason freshman All American team? Any other frosh in the team could be?

  • 92104bruinfan

    It appeared Oregon safeties crashed hard to bust or minimize most bubble screen plays. Is the pass protection just not there to take shots down the field to keep those safeties honest? Otherwise, a big part of Mazzone’s offensive scheme goes by the wayside no?

    • facescar

      Honesty doesn’t it seem like Hundley’s been missing on long throws? That first Stanford pick was all on Hundley throwing too far inside.

  • LTEfan

    Now that Quessenberry’s redshirt is gone, and he played pretty well, do you expect him to stay in the lineup? Or is he back to the bench if Goines is ready?

  • Mark

    Why is there already so much dislike of Alford among Ucla fans out there?

    • LTEfan

      One reaction is that if they are going to fire a coach who just won the conference title, the next hire should clearly be an improvement. Is Alford that? His track record does not make a strong case.

  • jungleland

    So what exactly is the status with Priest Willis and Tahaan Goodman? Neither seems to be getting a lot of playing time unlike other true freshman.

    • Bruin 34

      good question. i also think our secondary has been pretty outstanding this year so there’s no need to put the freshman in and play them right away.

  • The EDGE

    Do you have any “inside UCLA” recruiting tidbits?

  • INawe

    Do you think Noel Mazzone’s offensive system has a ceiling capable of surpassing the top 5? Or is what we are seeing is a young team, an overly penalized and undisciplined team, or just a team that couldn’t capitalize on the chances presented?

  • uclarry

    In reading Chris Foster’s UCLA column in the LA Times, I note that his comments regularly match yours–often seemingly word for word, and not just on quotes from the Bruins. Is this because reporters do not have access to practices and are being fed the same handouts by the team? Or is there some other explanation?

  • Bruin 34

    Everyone seems to forget how your our team is. We’ve started a record 18 freshman. Do you agree this is setting the table for a dominant team in years to come? If we play Oregon a 2nd time I think we could definitely win. Your thoughts? Thanks for the great job you’ve done and for keeping it real and not being Bruins Nation! Lol

  • EncinitasBruin

    Is there a target date for the completion of the new football facilities? (The official statement from the athletic dept doesn’t give a projection.)

  • Daniel

    What happened to Priest Willis, Tahaan Goodman, and Tyler Foreman? Can Priest and Tahaan still redshirt this year? Any word on how theyve performed in practice?