Bruins move up a spot in Associated Press poll

UCLA’s 45-23 win over Colorado bumped the Bruins up a slot to No. 16 in the latest Associated Press poll, swapping them with undefeated Fresno State.

(UPDATE: The Bruins were also ranked No. 19 in the latest BCS rankings.)

The top six remain unchanged, but Florida State took three first-place votes from Alabama, and one from Oregon. The Seminoles crushed then-No. 7 Miami 41-14.

Arizona State gained two spots after a 55-21 blowout of Washington State. The Sun Devils are now ranked 23rd, ahead of Notre Dame and Texas Tech.

The full poll, after the jump:

1. Alabama (52), 8-0
2. Oregon (3), 8-0
3. Florida State (6), 8-0
4. Ohio State, 9-0
5. Baylor, 7-0
6. Stanford, 7-1
7. Auburn, 8-1
8. Clemson, 8-1
9. Missouri, 8-1
10. LSU, 7-2
11. Texas A&M, 7-2
12. Oklahoma, 7-1
13. South Carolina, 7-2
14. Miami (FL), 7-1
15. Oklahoma State, 7-1
16. UCLA, 6-2
17. Fresno State, 8-0
18. Michigan State, 8-1
19. UCF, 6-1
20. Louisville, 7-1
21. Wisconsin, 6-2
22. Northern Illinois, 9-0
23. Arizona State, 6-2
24. Notre Dame, 7-2
25. Texas Tech, 7-2

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  • ProbationU

    If we don’t start playing better in a hurry, we won’t remain there long.

  • facescar

    Considering how we haven’t been playing our best, this ranking seems about right.

    Our offense needs to step up. Some of this can be attributed to injuries, but we need improvement in consistency.

    • jameskatt

      We need more forward than lateral passes. We need a running game. Jordon, when will you come back?

      • facescar

        Jordon *is* back. Not fully healthy, but this clearly isn’t just an issue about Jordan being out. When Jordan was in at the start of the season, *everyone* was producing. Now, even with him kind of back, only Hundley and Thigpen are getting yards.

        The lateral passes are fine. The swings are fine. They set up so much else. For example, Hundley wouldn’t have nearly as much room on some of those runs if we didn’t have the swing routes.

        All that said it was great to finally have a few long balls on Saturday.

  • LTEfan

    Jack’s tweet:
    Jim Mora unconcerned re UCLA’s 11 penalties. Mostly “aggressive” not unforced. “I maybe saw them a little bit different than the officials.”
    — At what point does 120+ yards in penalties cause concern? Yardage given away is yardage given away, whether the penalty was aggressive or unforced. Enabler.

    • Marc

      Do you watch other football games? Did you happen to watch Michigan v Michigan State? How about Georgia v Florida?

      Many of these penalties are on the refs, not Mora. The second 15-yard penalty on Barr was garbage, as was the ” pass interference” penalty earlier in the game when the Colorado player tripped over his own feet while back-peddling down the sideline.

      It’s no wonder to me why Mora is flabbergasted.

      • LTEfan

        I agree as to the last roughing the passer call on Barr, that was atrocious. But that leaves us with 10 penalties. Are any of the other teams that you mention below UCLA in the penalty rankings? No. At some point, being last in the nation out of more than 120 FBS programs (for 2 seasons now) has to be a cause for concern. As with everything about UCLA football, the man ultimately responsible is Jim Mora. His public comments strongly suggest that he is not too concerned about the problem. So, guess what, the problem isn’t getting fixed. And eventually that is going to result in losing a close game. The fact that officiating is bad in other games, as you note correctly, doesn’t explain why it is UCLA that is ranked dead last in penalties.

        • Aggression penalties have not yet cost us a game.

          Mental errors, yes. Bad referring possibly. Youth and inexperience, of course.

    • The roughing calls were absurd.

      (Not to mention all the holding penalties that went uncalled against Colorado and Oregon’s offenses.)