• realtrojan

    LOL!!! This fUCLA bRUIN team looks VERY beatable!!! See you in a few weeks. And be ready to be demolished!!! LMAO!!!

    • maze949

      You should add more exclamation points, drunkard. Any why do you “write” like a 12 year-old girl–stop texting your crush, your mom doesn’t have a data plan. TrOJans: not the sharpest tools in South Central…yet still tools.

      • realtrojan

        So I guess you’re a typical bRUIN that’s real freaking proud to own the most dangerous campus in the whole US. The chances are your days are numbered, so keep barking like a real mutt as loud as you can. LMAO!!!

  • Art_V

    Where is Malcome Jones? as long as Perkins is getting more than 10 carries a game UCLA is a very beatable team. Agree with the douche Trojan below. Ucla will not lose to them regardless of who plays RB