UCLA 31, Arizona 26: Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone

UCLA has used as many as five true freshmen on offense at once this season, which hasn’t made it easy on offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone’s pysche.

“The only thing more stressful to me than during a game, watching all my 18 year olds running around, is when I sent my beautiful 18-year-old daughter to college by herself,” he said. “That’s the only thing that was more stressful.”

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  • HeySucs

    Excuses, excuses, Mazzone is starting to sound like the Goat. Why call intricate plays that have little chance to work. BH acts tentative and the offense is predictable. KISS Coach and move BH around like Az did with its QB.

    • facescar

      Hundley isn’t that kind of player and we’re not going to risk hurting him. Remember what happened to AZ last year when they were playing loose with the QB? Massive concussions. Led to the 66-10 blowout.

      Mazzone has been doing just enough recently to vary up an offense that at times seems *too* simple.

      The Myles package was a great example of that. Rely on a strong run attack but have a PA play in case they get used to that. PA would have worked too but AZ brought the house and obscured an open Jack.

  • Oz

    If they aren’t going to keep Myles going two-way, they should hand that package to Malcolm Jones. I love watching that physical style in the running game. I think our youth scares Mazzone into getting conservative. Especially on the O-line.

    • facescar

      It would get different results purely due to speed differences, but it would still be an awesome 3rd-and-short package.